Photo: WWE NXT Star Gets A New Look

Published On 04/27/2014 | By Staff | News, Specials

WWE NXT star Baron Corbin has apparently been re-packaged and is being managed by Raquel Diaz, the former Shaul Guerrero. They recently did a shoot together where Baron was seated on a motorcycle. Below is a preview:

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  • Bryan Thomas

    I’m jealous. His chopper looks better than mine hahaha. Well only slightly better.

    • Raj Chauhan

      wonder my situation … you have a chopper haha

      • Bryan Thomas

        Mine has a chrome goat skull though

    • kim099

      You have a big chopper?Can I chop on it.

      • Bryan Thomas


  • Aaron Brock

    It will be interesting to see where this goes. Hopefully it won’t be an Undertaker ripoff.

  • Wario VanPeebles

    Hopefully he will have better luck with this than Chuck Palumbo and Bad Boy Bo Dallas, seems like the bike gimmick hasn’t worked since D.O.A. or Bikertaker, perhaps the arm candy will finally fix this. Hopefully a more tough guy biker thing will help them push his whole gold gloves champion background too.

  • FearTheSpear

    i’d rather see raquel wrestling than managing to be honest. but hopefully they have something more for her in the long run

    • kim099

      Oh god no keep her managing.