Photo: WWE Releases “If Cena Wins We Complain Online” T-Shirt

John Cena was recently photographed wearing a t-shirt that says, “If Cena Wins We Complain Online.” The shirt is actually an officially licensed WWE t-shirt and can be purchased on Hot Topic’s website. Below is a photo:

  • Guest

    that picture makes us seem like we’re all emo

    • ihateemo

      you are all emo

  • Dah

    Where’s the “When WWE’s product sucks, we complain online” shirt at?

    • wweandtnasuckasswakeup

      How about “I watched 3 hours of this awful garbage and all I got is this lousy t-shirt” WWE shirt.

      • zz

        what about the “I watch 3 hours of something I dont enjoy every single week, I must have a very exciting life” shirt?

    • Dominik Rosario

      I think we should start complaining even without the t-shirt

      • punkFan98

        I think if you spend three hours watching something you hate week after week, you need to get a life.

        • zz

          100% true

  • CuckFena

    Oh, so we only complain online? I guess i must have been imagining all the people who are sick of him and who boo his ass whenever he wins and all the people who chanted “Fuck You Cena” and who threw toilet paper at him at the ECW One Night Stand PPV in 2006. Fuck Cena and fuck every one who like’s this motherfucker who holds other wrestlers back. Also, fuck everyone who keeps him in the main event spot. CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and loads of other wrestlers are WAY better. He will be remembered as being a terrible wrestler who was extremely over-rated and only appealed to 5 year old’s. That is all.

    • kc hunter

      No, he’ll be remembered as the only TRUE tweener in the history of the sport: a guy who decidedly got fans to either hate him or love him … there is no in between, no one has ever done that.

      He’s not edgy, so we need to say he should die and fuck him etc. etc.? Makes you guys look like a bunch of assholes in the long run, it’s not hip anymore, it’s just hateful … for a guy who has PUT OVER MORE STARS than most “top guys” in history: more than Hogan, more than Bret, more than Michaels, the only guy who who put over other wrestlers more as a top guy was Flair.

      I’m more bored with people hating Cena at this point than I am bored with his gimmick.

      • TNA>WWE

        Put over who? He buries people all the time with his backstage politics. Whenever someone gets more over than him, he tells Vince he wants someone to job, and they start jobbing. If anything, he has held the company back from creating new stars than he has made. Also, people hate him because he is boring, not because he has a character that tries to get you to hate him.

        • Joey

          Hey retard, do you have any evidence at all of his so called backstage politics? If you don’t keep your mouth shut, because you sound like a delusional prick who’s obviously upset his superstar jobbed to Cena. He doesn’t make the decisions, creative does. Go bitch about them, not Cena.

          • Gundersens_Nuts

            Jericho had Edge on his podcast recently, and they talked about how Cena refused to put over Nexus in their Summerslam tag match, despite the protests of Edge and Jericho. That loss is known as the one that sucked the life out of The Nexus Angle.

          • BrandonNYG

            It wasn’t him refusing to put over barret. He just thought the finish he thought of was best. He went backstage and owned up to it and said it sucked after he did it. Edge and Jericho even said that they did it sometimes but they had someone to pull them back and say ‘no’ lol.

            You guys have some serious selective hearing.

          • Gundersens_Nuts

            Listen to yourself…. all you did was justify his burying. Of course he thought it was the best finish…. everyone who buries someone thinks the finish the have in mind is best.

            It’s not selective hearing, John had two veterans tell him that the young guys should go over, John disagreed and opted to put himself over, Nexus was never the same afterwards. How is that not burying? Because John later acknowledged he should have listened? If I robbed a liquor store, then acknowledged I shouldn’t have, I still robbed a liquor store.

          • BrandonNYG

            But the way you said that was like he refused to put over the nexus. Like he thought they sucked or something and would not allow it even when Vince tells him to. I don’t think it was his choice whether to have them win or not. They were specifically talking about the finish when they mentioned Cena. Nor was it the loss it was HOW they lost.

          • Elliott

            You need to do some homework on what burying is. Cena thought his finish was better… You mean the one where he wins? Yeah. I’ll let you get back to your homework.

          • BrandonNYG

            Lol ok. Well I’m not going to act like I know everything that’s going on backstage because I read a few articles off a website. So when you get to WWE and find out Cena is a dick good job. If he’s not oh well. You’re still going to be complaining about him online.

          • Elliott

            I’m not acting like I know everything. Burying has been a known presence in backstage politics of Wrestling for decades and decades. It’s obvious that as time progresses a large portion of the wrestling fanbase will understand all of these aspects to the business. There are legit insiders pushing this information out on the internet, there has been for over 15 years. Online reports play such a stronger role in modern WWE anyway I think. They’re far more aware of it. Sometimes I feel like they pull swerves just because the internet knows what’s coming next at a PPV.

            But anyway – that’s me doing your homework for you

          • Guest

            Actually, It’s just logic you dumb fuck, Think about this, what if certain people in the WWE had more creative control over their characters, more pull in the back for example. That would actually explain a lot, and clearly it’s not just Cena, it’s whoever becomes the biggest company bitch boy that gets to become face of the company. That’s not based off of me “hating” Cena, but instead plain logic. Hopefully even the likes of you can try to comprehend this… I.E Based off that, Being a Company Guy = you get massive booking / creative control, as well as privileges others don’t have.

          • TNA>WWE

            Actually, It’s just logic you dumb shit, Think about this, what if certain people in the WWE had more creative control over their characters, more pull in the back for example. That would actually explain a lot, and clearly it’s not just Cena, it’s whoever becomes the biggest company bitch boy that gets to become face of the company. That’s not based off of me “hating” Cena, but instead plain logic. Hopefully even the likes of you can try to comprehend this… I.E Based off that, Being a Company Guy = you get massive booking / creative control, as well as privileges others don’t have.

        • cenalover

          i can name maineventer past and present who cena put over.
          remember edge he beat cena for his first wwe title after elimination chamber match at new years revolution

          cm punk also won his his first wwe title at summer slam beating cena. u should shut fuck up
          u don’t know shit about wrestling talking about so called backstage politics.

          • Elliott

            People who beat Cena for the title (in the earlier years 2005-09) would only hold the title for weeks, a few months if lucky – before they’d have to gift wrap that championship back to him. Sometimes even in their hometown. At one point Cena was only dropping the title due to injuries, so his lengthy reigns never concluded with putting someone over.

            Cena hasn’t been as ridiculously dominant in recent years but he still is dominant. He only put over Rock because the preset plan was for Rock to return the favour, only this time Cena wins a wwe title, even more stakes on the line.

            Cena completely demobilised the momentum of Brock Lesnars return until Summerslam. Get to grips, I don’t hate Cena I’m analysing booking

        • BrandonNYG

          You work backstage in the WWE?

          • TNA>WWE

            Nah, and I wouldn’t want to either. But just because I don’t doesn’t mean you can just cancel out basic logic lmao. Honestly, I think Cena fans have won the award for “Most Oblivious Fanbase” of all time haha.

          • BrandonNYG

            Basically, you’re assuming things?

          • TNA>WWE

            Nope, because it’s become a precedent that the face of the company gets control in certain parts of his character in WWE. Hell, On Jericho’s podcast when he had Edge on it, and they explained how Cena wouldn’t put over team Nexus at summerslam that year, when he was supposed to. That is real, and that is proof. Stop talking out of your ass please haha.

          • BrandonNYG

            They talked about the finish. Not about him putting over the Nexus. I don’t think if Vince or whoever runs creative said “Nexus is winning” Cena would be like “FUCK THAT..I’M OUT.” and pull an Ultimate Warrior.

        • Philip Craig

          Yeah because Vince McMahon just lets his employees (or anyone else for that matter) tell him how to run his company or how it’s going to go.

          • TNA>WWE

            Are you blind? Top guy gets creative/booking control. Don’t believe me? Go look up Chris Jericho’s Podcast, where he talks with Edge (Edge Part 2 as it says on website, and fast forward to around after the first hour or so) about Summerslam 2010. They were supposed to put over the nexus because they were hot at the time, but Cena didn’t see it that way and made a shitty finish of his own last minute. Where’s Wade Barrett now? Buried, just like tons of other good talent that Cena sees as threats to him being the top guy in that company, which is why WWE sucks. Honestly, I’m ready to nominate people that defend Cena for the “Most Deranged Group” Award, because there is tons of evidence to back these points up.

          • Philip Craig

            Well, Since we’re talking about nominating for awards, how nominating everybody that whines about how WWE is run and still watch it and pay attention so closely for the purpose of complaining on forums like this for the “Most Wasted Effort” award. However and by whoever WWE is run behind the scenes, it’s working.You’re entitled to your opinion about John Cena, but so is everyone else.

          • TNA>WWE

            Who the fuck told you I still watch this garbage? You’re just making the assumption, which is wrong by the way. I haven’t been watching WWE since 2011, but I do watch reviews by guys that bury the WWE (how i found out about this shirt). So you’re previous comment does you no good, because it doesn’t apply to me. In fact, the one group of people I dislike more than cena fans are those that watch WWE, and then say they don’t like it, but continue to watch.

          • Philip Craig

            Whether my comments do me any good or not is irrelevant. I just enjoy watching people get so upset and dramatic over something they have no control over. But, I must say, the last part of your comment is where you and I agree 100%.

          • TNA>WWE

            I’m really not upset, just baffled how this company has fallen so far from it’s original potential. It’s actually kind of depressing. I just started this discussion because i was bored lol. Anyway, I’m just gonna end this conversation with I find John Cena Repulsive, and if anyone reading this likes him, then fucking good for you. I hope when you jerk off to pictures of Cena it puts a fat smile right on your face, but while you do that, Imma watch the Angle/Roode feud down in TNA, because it is the best wrestling feud in the last few years (note: This is my OPINION. Something many wrestling fans forget is that everything in wrestling for the most part is based on people’s tastes, so if this applies to you then stop acting as if there is a right or wrong answer to how wrestlers need to be used.) And btw, I’d love you to show me where I seemed mad. If anything, It’s intensity in my messages, because I’m tired of people that are close minded, such as those who don’t think Cena plays backstage politics. Besides, I still respect the comments of those who disagree with me, since I have ceased to give a shit what people think about my opinion.

      • joe g

        That’s a joke right because I’m pretty sure triple h is a tweener himself asshole back stage or not. Also cena has put more guys over than anyone? Look at the track record trplie h lost more times at wrestlemania than cena. And as for flair he put guys over when he was in his 50’s and 60’s I’d hardly call that putting over. It’s vince and the creative teams fault for not having other stars on the same level as cena for the last 5 years. For a time they had many superstars they could have carry them for a time being. You have to blame the heads at the top for basically only pushing cena. Orton had his shine but it has for some reason faded a bit now to the fact they have no other wrestlers

      • cenalover

        damm u should be a wwe booker, i totally agree with u.

      • Ken

        Don’t forget that despite what people say, Cena constantly puts other wrestlers over and actually drops the title to other wrestlers to help their careers. (Have we already forgotten the likes of Hogan, HHH, Michaels and Bret Hart who absolutely refused to job to other wrestlers???) Come on people…..Cena is no different than HHH ….HHH has 5 moves…cena has 5 moves. Hogan had 3…….it’s business as usual in the WWE. Hating one guy because he is the current “chosen one” is silly.

    • CalmYoTits

      They’re gonna get their money’s worth with you aren’t they?


      F U
      All of the retards complaining on here are stupid
      Ya’ll doing what the t shirt says
      boo whoo Cena is the one of the goat stfu

    • Malignant

      So only great workers should be pushed? Remove the likes of Hulk, Roddy, Warrior, Rock and Austin (who was once great, but severely limited by late 1997) from wrestling history and you have no industry. Savage was the only great worker who was also a megastar. Shawn, Bret and Angle generated decent revenue, but they weren’t megastars. Undertaker has become a megastar only in the last few years, because of a fluke storyline in “The Streak”.

      Those who value the actual wrestling are in the minority, which is why the three biggest stars in wrestling history – Austin, Hogan and Rock – weren’t really workers. Charisma and showmanship always wins out. Deal with it.

      • Balderstone

        Austin was an excellent worker, pre neck injury

        • Malignant

          Yup, I mentioned that.

      • Philip Craig

        Undertaker filled as many seats as anybody before the streak was really recognized.

        • Malignant

          Not really. Until the late 1990s Undertaker was a mid carder who occasionally got a main event spot. Then he sullied his career with the American Badass garbage from 2000-2003: although he landed main events, the character was reviled by many fans and lowered his value significantly (he won the “Most Overrated” and “Least Favorite Wrestler” votes in the Wrestling Observer). In 2004 he began rebuilding his mystique, and the streak caught on. His work opposite Shawn Michaels in 2009 cemented him as one of the industry’s premier stars and the streak as a hot ticket.

          • Philip Craig

            Now that you mention it, I have to agree for the most part. I had forgotten how unimpressive the american badass persona really was. But either way, The Undertaker has been my favorite for years. It’s just too bad it has to end soon.

          • Malignant

            Undertaker is one of my favourites too. I just think people’s respect for his tenure clouds their ability to realise that ‘Taker was disposable for much of his career. From 1997-1999 he was a player, if not on the level of Austin or Rock. Before that, and in the subsequent five years, he had his fans but if he’d left the WWF it would have affected nothing in my opinion (his early-to-mid 1990s matches were pretty slow and lumbering to boot). From 2007, specifically co-headlining WrestleMania 23 with Batista for the world title, is when ‘Taker really started to become hugely important to the industry. That was when his annual ‘Mania match became something really special and developed into a major drawing factor, never again disappointing fans. In 2009, thanks to his stunning work with Shawn Michaels, ‘Taker and his streak were cemented as legendary within professional wrestling. Stellar outings with Triple H and CM Punk further reinforced his value.

    • Supercena

      Glad you could get that off your chest ass lick..I know of a good therapist sounds like you really need one if you are so bothered by someone that you don’t even know on a personal level. Sounds like you need to get a life or quit watching Wwe all together. He’s just a character man this is not real life stuff we are talking about. Hope you can eventually grow up one day it’s really not good to hold on to so much hatred especially to someone who has never done anything personally to you. Get some help!!

    • Cenation

      Why you mad? Mom took away angry birds?

    • Elliott

      It’s ironic that you’re complaining about Cena online…. But your points are 100% valid. You aren’t imagining it, Cena gets booed out of most buildings. For years they managed to pull the “he’s against the hometown hero” card, then they finally acknowledged the huge mixed reaction and tried to turn it into a positive by saying “he gets the loudest reaction”.

      But this Tshirt really does take the piss out of us fans who communicate on the internet. I’m hoping to see the Tshirt which says “If Cena Loses – I must be dreaming because Creative and the Authority have been pushing this guy down our throats for years”

      Wouldn’t that be fair

    • K.B.

      Dude its just a joke why else would Cena be wearing it… FOR FUN. Its talking about the advances in technology especially twitter. When someone wins or loses its “@JohnCenaWWE OMG CANT BELIEVE HE LOST” or “@JohnCenaWWE #Cenasucks @TheShieldWWE need to whoop your a$$” but all in all you like him or not you have to respect him. Personally im a Cena Fanatic as a lot of people are. Lets Go Cena Cena Sucks He LIKES to hear that So When you Say Cena Sucks your technally cheering for him

    • niko68

      chill the fuck out! it’s Wrestling! It’s entertainment,,,,,,the shit aint life and death! You make it sound like one of your favorite players were cut from a team because of John Cena! You really need to get a lie, BRO! smh! hahahahaha….holy crap!

    • Lesnabis Marcel

      it’s insane. Y’re boring us. Better to consult some psy!

    • Lesnabis Marcel

      Hating a wrestler???The guy is insane!

      The best answer:

      John Cena beat WWE World Hvt. champion Randy Orton via DQ. Orton hit Cena with a low blow to cause the DQ. Typical Cena and Orton match with the usual spots. Cena hit the AA after the match to send the crowd home happy. Very pro-Cena crowd with tons of kids in the audience. Both received tremendous responses, but Cena’s was incredible. There’s a reason he’s still at the top(2013/i/3) PWtorch
      – Biggest Pops: Cena by far, not even close (2013/69) PWTorch

  • CuckFena

    Also, i noticed the guy wearing the shirt in the 2nd pic doesn’t show his face? I’m guessing the reason for that is cause he’s got Cena’s nut-stain on his forehead.

    • Dakota2101

      Oh ya since the guy In the shirt is what they are trying to show u fuck in idiot wow u are the biggest retard in the world Cena is the greatest speaker in the business by far and has done more for the kids and troops outside of the wwe than anyone it’s not all about his in ring wrestling but everything he brings to the company he has made more money for wwe then anyone in the last decade u ducking moron

      • DrunkGamer

        Greatest speaker in the business by far? Really? How old are you? 12?

        Cena is far from the best promo guy in the business. He has his lame ass catchphrases, shit and fart jokes, and goes from talking to shouting to talking for no reason whatsoever. There are plenty of better promo guys around, but my guess is you’re a WWEtard who doesn’t watch anything that isn’t produced in Stamford so wouldn’t know about the wealth of wrestling that goes on outside of WWE’s bubble universe.

        He’s made more money than everyone else because he has 12 new t-shirts out a year, numerous other crap with his logos/catchphrases/face on it, and just because kids have ADHD, they come in super bright colours too. Look at majority of the WWE’s merch, T-shirts come in black, look at Cenas, green, orange, purple, yellow. Also, go to a WWE event and look at the shirts on sale, you usually have an Orton, a Triple H, a CM Punk, a Daniel Bryan and 4 Cena shirts, so no wonder he sells more merchandise than most

    • Dude

      Really? That’s the fucking picture off Hot Topic. They don’t show the model’s face in most cases because it doesn’t matter. CALM YOUR TITS BRO! You are all arguing over a damp T-Shirt! FUCK!

    • rodlessjim

      Well ain’t you a funny fucker!! You hate cena because the creative team has booked him to be what he is today? Go crawl back into your hole. Thanks :)

  • BestBooker

    Ha ha, nice work. WWE rules!

  • The Smartmark

    Complain Online?? Well TV ratings and PPV buy rates tell a different story.

  • CS 22

    This t-shirt would have been witty back in 2007.

  • Crazy Bill

    This is because the WWE knows the “IWC” are a bunch of marks…
    I have no problems with Cena

  • Carlos

    We hate cena, blah blah, blah. I say this to be different,, but yet i’m just like everyone else. Cena is a fantastic mind, who has more Make-a-wis than anyone in history, is the face of the company cause he sells merchandise, and yes, he does put people over. He put the stupid loser Ryback over, CM punk, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, heck, he singlehandedly put Edge over before he was super cena.
    Everyone complains now, when no one complained about Hulk Hogan, who was super hogan like 400x what Cena is. Y’all niggas are crazy, always complain, and complaining. You’re proving the T shirt right.

    • KJH

      Hogan? The pro-wrestling scene now is whole lot different fro how it was during Hogan era. Back in the days, people were just happy about having an almighty guy to cheer at, and they enjoyed it. Now? Fans want more. They want some proper wrestling, not just Superman bullshit. Personally I strongly hate both Cena and Hogan, as they apparently ain’t wrestlers; just corporate-created icon. You are right. Hogan had even less moves than Cena and was even worse wrestler than Cena. That is why everyone hates Hogan nowadays(of course many hate him for what he did to TNA, yet..). However, that does not take away any reason to hate Cena. Comparing a modern day main eventer to one 2+decades ago is already a huge miss.

  • Soto555

    Im so fucken sick of this asshole I stopped watching WWE cause of this dickhead, he is so fake, so hipocrit fuck him

  • Fuck you

    Alright.. All you cena haters go fuck your selves.. This is the wwe.. You motherfuckers need to realize this is a script and he is following orders.. He is no super hero.. But wwe is in pg era and they are targeting kids and cena sells amongst kids.. Keep complaining cause it makes no differemce.. Cena haters group needs to go suck on Jesus’s dick..


    And to all the Cena fans in the comments, you are the people making the wrestling business worse, by supporting the cancer that’s infected the WWE. All of you are pathetic little bitches. XD

  • Malignant

    Look at Cena in that shirt. Is that not the most passive-aggressive “f*ck you* to his online detractors, ever?

    I’m not much of a Cena fan, but that is *brilliant*.

  • craig

    Look at all you people complaining online lol

  • David

    This is great, and the Mark comments are even better. I love how people make all these claims and accusations like they’re some how affiliated with the company and know what goes on behind the curtain when all they do is read the dirt sheets at best. MAAAAAAARKS! Hahaha I’m buying 6 of these shirts. It’s pro wrestling enjoy it for what it is and stop bitching!

  • Ajmal Khan

    hahhahahaah the shirt was right look at all you complaining online! HAHHAHAHA LMAO!

  • Vasant Rajan

    Y’all a bunch of puppets

  • M

    the level of contempt the WWE have for their fans I’m pretty sure they
    are like only a week away from straight up replacing RAW with footage
    of Triple H pissing directly into Dolph Ziggler’s open mouth.

  • Jaytee060

    I am totally enjoying listening to all the moron Cena haters. You people are hysterical. Don’t you see you are completely doing exactly what Vince and the WWE creative team are programming you to do? Hating Cena is the most profitable and ratings generatng thing they have going on. For every loud mouthed, foul languaged chanter there is…there are 10 little kids who love Cena. You are helping encourage the growth of the WWE. Vince loves the attention your hatred of Cena brings. By your hate signs and chants and throwing things, you are actually advancing the success of John Cena. Thats what his job is…to make you hate him. His personae is NOT a super hear….it is someone who fans hate. And he does it very well. He revels in it. It’s what his job is. And there is no man more successful at doing his job in the WWE then John Cena.

  • Lupe

    people who tlk shit about cena tlk shit because its true the reason they dont give daniel bryan or cm punk a chance cuz they dont have the ptential he has no affense there oth good superstarts but lets face it daniel bryan is just horrible as a wwe superstar he doesnt have that look or character we need.Cm punk is just a wanna be stone cold steve austin who doesnt know when to shut up.and so far any other superstar currently in the wwe cant compare except maybe orton cant compare to cena and so for those who complain that cena always wins well thats becuz he earned it

  • P.zadeh

    This has been at hot topic for a long time

  • Philip Craig

    Cena doesn’t get paid to build other peoples careers. He helps out, but their careers are not in his hands. He gets paid to sell merchandise and put people in seats. He does that and many other thing very well. When you complainers can do better, then do it instead of complaining about it.

  • Emily

    This shirt has been available for a long time.

  • Maura Sheridan

    I think it’s funny. Usually, they’re not cool about selling stuff like this; but they’re probably hoping that people will to be sarcastic or ironic.

  • ChosenOne704

    A lot of people see this shirt as a negative, but there’s a positive to it. WWE actually reads and/or hears about all of the shit we say about their product. Sure they may have taken a step in the wrong direction with this shirt, because it seems like they’re taking a jab at us, but at least they listen lol.

  • Boomer848

    Can’t believe the Cena Haters! I guess most of you are out of shape, sexually frustrated, never has put an effort in to anything, and still lives in their mom’s basement. Cena is one of the very few wrestlers left whom is truly the good guy in the white hat! I’m old school and all of this attitude, I’m bad sometimes and good when I want to be is only representative of our society as it is today! Cena is in great shape and has a great work ethic which makes him an anomoly (look it up) in today’s entertainment world. I cheer him on along side my sons and grandson! Go Cena and Cena haters go away!

  • Terran McCall

    Whatever. I just think that the dude’s a limited wrestler a great look. Good for him for working as hard as he does, and getting to the spot where he is. For me, I use his matches, most of the time, as a chance to go to the washroom.

  • nicecream44

    WWE stock hit an all time high last week. HHH knows what’s best for business, whether smarks are complaining or not.

  • Jeremy

    Cena put the NXT guys debuting over on Smackdown in a promo, and PEOPLE WERE COMPLAINING ABOUT HIM DOING SO. They complain about Cena no matter what.

    Cena haters are hystericla. They can talk shit about Cena, but when he fires shot back, they whine like little girls.