Photo: WWE Releases New Daniel Bryan Gear

Daniel Bryan

Huge new releases from The Daniel Bryan “YES” authentic T-shirt as well as the Daniel Bryan “YES Movement” T-shirts are now available at Each T-shirt comes with a free “YES Movement” sticker. also have “YES Movement” packages for men, women, and children which combine both T-shirts and the sticker. You can check out a photo of the new gear below:

Daniel Bryan “YES Movement” Men’s Authenic T-shirt now available at!

  • LGFFan

    lol. mini heart attack nevermind.
    i didn’t see the ‘New’ part…almost thought Daniel Bryan was randomly released lol.

  • Stoney53

    This goes to show that WWE is not stupid. They will ride this as long as they can. They wouldn’t make money off Daniel Bryan if they just gave him the belt. Like Steve Corino said now they can sell this “yes movement” merchandise and just milk the fans for money and ratings until the right moment. The WWE has finally found a way to script a story that gets the “IWC” clamoring. They’ve ignored Bryan on purpose and it’s working. Just wait and see how many of these tshirts are sold after he gets screwed at elimination chamber. Pwmania and other websites will be buzzing with people calling for a WWE boycott, yet a majority will buy the tshirts and tune in to RAW/Smackdown anyway, and WWE will once again not give them what they want. It’s like the hot girl who is just a tease. She keeps stringing you along getting what she wants all the while never saying “YES!” I might be giving them too much credit, but whether this was planned or inadvertent, it’s pure genius.

    • Mordecai

      But are they really ignoring him when he main events at least half the Raws and Smackdowns, shares promo times with Triple H (or has his own) and gets story lines written for him.

      Personally, belts are for those that can’t get over without a prop.

    • Yoyo

      I think, like you said, it is all completely inadvertent.
      They don’t know what they’re doing (in my opinion), they had no idea how bad fans would react to Bryan not being in/winning the Rumble. They are not ignoring him on purpose (to get him more over)- if they had their own way the fans would of let it go stopped cheering for Bryan and got behind Batista.
      However I agree, now the fans have got behind it even more and cheer for him even more, the WWE will ride the wave right to the end. Well… almost the end because WWE don’t like following through with story lines these days (and they don’t want the strap on Bryan).

  • Tremor_Fang

    Well, at least it’s better than the goat or beard stuff they’ve been doing.

  • Raihan Khan

    i cant say anything rather than ” yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!”