Photo: WWE Superstar Roman Reigns’ Mugshot

Check out Roman Reigns’ Mugshot from June 2010 – Charged for “Affray, Riot, Unlawful Assmlby” and “Disorderly Intox”

Photos: Roman Reigns Gets 17 Hours Of Tattoo Work Done

  • Jamal

    Thats interesting that he would have had the misfortune of his photogragh being taken by cowards who are not christians doing this to him. Our world would have been a much better place without police and women complaining about mens compliments,stares,etc.

    • trevwinters

      what are you talking about???

    • Haystack Calhoun

      Seek medical help Jamal

    • Trinity

      lol!!! at Jamal. that’s comical!!!!

  • laqruisha

    i didn’t know he did that,, but he still is my favorite member of the shield:)

  • Brandy

    Still looks so fuckin gorgeous. I still want him. Luv ya roman reigns.

  • fizzdaboi

    *wolf whistle*

  • Yeltnerb1

    Dude should have been a werewolf in Twlight

  • Maddie Shelton

    how did he get in jail doe

    • Razer

      Do you know how to read?
      Unless you don’t know this shit.
      Stay in school.