Photos: Brodus Clay Debuts New Look & Gimmick

Brodus Clay

Brodus Clay debuted his new look and gimmick on this week’s edition of WWE Main Event. Clay was in a black pinstripe suit and flashy gold chain sporting his new “Main Event Playa” gimmick. Here are photos of Brodus Clay’s new look:

  • Geoff

    Brodus Clay reallly nailed his promo. Check him out

  • Willey

    I am surprised WWE let Brodus talk about Tensai’s past gimmicks, thought that was something they do not usually revisit

  • Cody

    Probably the best MizTV segments since the Cena / Bryan confrontation last summer. Only took 5 minutes, didn’t drag on, was straight and to the point, and successfully furthered Clay’s heel turn and feud with Tensai. Nice.

  • Justin Hinkle

    Lol a Miz TV thats actually good and they put it on main event…