Photos: CM Punk & AJ Lee At Hockey Games On Friday and Sunday

Check out these photos of CM Punk and AJ Lee at Hockey Games on Friday and Sunday:

  • Jam

    enough with this guy….. he’s killing his own wrestling character by leaving WWE.
    no wreslter would be famously known worldwide unless he participates in WWE and that’s a fact whether love it or hate it….

    • Mario Cardone

      “No wrestler should be famously known worldwide unless he participates in WWE” You need to look up the definition of opinions and facts, that isn’t a fact. So I guess Hulk Hogan is no longer a household name when he either isn’t with WWE or with another company. I guess the Rock was nothing while becoming an actor. Just say what everyone else is saying “I’m tired of hearing about punk”

    • mozza1974

      he isnt doing that bad if ppl like you keep coming on threads about him to read about what he is up to.

    • Malek D.

      Gorgeous George was famous and is cited by multiple people like Muhammad Ali as being an inspiration for their fighting style, charisma, etc. Flair and the Four Horsemen were treated like celebrities back in their day in the NWA, Hogan was a big celebrity in Japan and was in Rocky III at the same time he was wrestling there which boosted his popularity, despite him not wrestling in the WWF at the time. He wasn’t even a face in WWF yet.

    • kalvin

      1 name… Sting!

  • Mike

    i really like CM Punk. Hope he comes back to WWE soon but also hope hes happy! Smart too for being a blackhawks fan!

  • LaShawn Encarnacion

    Doesn’t surprise me. CM Punk is a HUGE Blackhawks fan and he makes any and every major game he can. His twitter timeline during hockey season BLOWS up with Blackhawks news and updates.