Photos: Dean Ambrose Hanging Out With WWE Diva Renee Young

Check out these photos of WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose giving the finger and hanging out with WWE Diva Renee Young:

  • Claire

    So cute couple ❤︎

  • Necro

    Leave Renee Young alone! D:

  • DeNeDe

    Are they a couple ?

  • Tyler

    Renee Young is married. She was on The Score before WWE. He name before she got married was Renee Paquette

    • It’s obvious

      aparently she’s not married any more. have you seen picture where she’s holding his head? is it gonna be “they are just friends” dilusional excuse?

      • Jami Bourriaque

        That doesn’t mean anything. I do that with my best friend who is a guy they are just messing around

      • xSAMANTHAx

        she was never married in the first place her Birth Name is: Renee Paquette , but , her WWE Character name is : Renee Young

    • Paul Petitfrere

      Actually ‘Young’ is just a staged last name for her to use in WWE

    • xSAMANTHAx

      actually the real Birth Name that WWE Interviewer Renee Young was given by her parents was: Renee Paquette … however her WWE Character name is : Renee Young. she is NOT Married.

  • Jamie

    It’s just one pic of them together & people are already making assumptions? smh

  • Assassinator

    Masterin’ titties ain’t easy!

  • blahblah

    Why don’t you just stick to posting news rather than photos stolen off a guys facebook without his permission?

  • Scott Anderson

    Hey is the guy in light blue shirt lex lugar