Photos: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Current Real Girlfriend – Lauren Hashian (Hot)


Check out these photos of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s current real girlfriend, Lauren Hashian.

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  • janice

    what a home wrecking ho she broke up his marriage to dani i know it was just as much hes fault but shes uglyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Stephen S Wilson

    His wife was way better looking and had a better body.

  • Teri

    She is ugly, that nose ugh!!!!, Come on Dwayne, your ex Dani is way better,,,you traded down..

  • Trixie

    She is a total monet !!!!….okay from far away but a big ol’ mess up close…poor thing must be so insecure about herself even though she snagged the Rock; I hope she has a great personality!!!

  • mitch

    shes ugly..hahahahahahaha dani is much good looking than her

  • total fan

    hope shes beautiful on the inside than out is right but my happiness is 4 Dwanye, she better treat him w/respect & take good care of him, u better know how 2 cook, 1 more thg u better hang on & win his wholw heart already:) luv u Rock!!!

  • annie.195

    I just want to say to all coments here!!! She is beautiful and I do not agree with all of you!! Seems like you have a problems with it. Give them a piece!!!!

  • annie.195

    She is beautiful lady. I do not agree with all of you. Give them a piece!!! It’s their live. Maybe you have a some problems with yourself!!

  • guest

    she is a home wrecking,skanie hoe and ugly she broke up his marriage to dani

  • Jamine

    You can tell they have no chemistry.

    • Tiffani F

      How can you tell? Honest question.

  • Mg royal

    She’s a normal cute girl, pretty, not everyone is superficial and wants there girl to look like a porn star or kim kardasian . He is hot and seems sweet and like a real man. Real men usually like real women.

    • joyce

      that’s very sweet and true thing to say.

  • Mg royal

    Sorry for the spelling error!

  • Darlene Haywood

    Baby you need a Blonde!!!!!!

  • Coowal 1

    basic white woman, nothing redeeming about her at all. Run of the mill chick.

  • Debra

    She’s only 27?? Wow…I thought she was in her mid/late 30s. You messed up…Dwayne.

  • Dylan

    Lost some respect for you Mr. Johnson. You 2 deserve each other 2 cheaters for the price of one marriage.

    • Tiffani F

      How can you lose respect for someone (who you seem to may have respected) if you don’t know the whole story behind their story?

      If it’s that easy for you to lose respect for someone for half truths, were you really a fan of his to begin with?

      • Dylan

        I concede I should use the terms the media uses ” alleged cheaters” Still a fan only lost some respect none of us uses perfect judgment at all times.

  • glamerous

    Lauren Hashian’s birthday is 8 September. She was born in 1984. Do you think he’ll propose on her birthday?

  • Tiffani F

    Why are people assuming she was the reason their marriage ended? Did they actually come out and say it? If we want to believe rumors then “I heard they were already separated from each other before he went to Boston to shoot “The Game Plan”. BTW, they’re still extremely close together (judging by his Twitter, Instagram, and FB) which has a picture of him and Lauren at Dani’s wedding (yeah, she got married again before him)

    Dwayne seems like a genuinely nice person, and one who loves his family, fans and seems to be humble and blessed to be in the position he’s in right now. He doesn’t seem to be your typical male celebrity who are only interested in dating or marrying a Barbie doll. So, I actually find that appealing (not all men are vain).

    Who or we to judge who he falls in love with? If he is happy, Dani is happy, their child is happy, and the rest of the family is happy….why can’t his fans be happy for him? There is so much going on in the world that we should be more concerned with.

    Hopefully, we hear a proposal announcement soon! (Since both of his relationships with Dani and Lauren have been long term relationships and not just flings).