Photos: Former WWE Diva Kaitlyn’s Wedding

Check out these photos from former WWE Diva Kaitlyn’s wedding:

  • Jay Jay Aces

    Celeste has AMAZING breasts!

    • Peter Chandler

      I expect they cost her a few thousand dollars too….

      • Jay Jay Aces

        And they were worth every penny…

  • Peyton Manning

    i love this kind of lesbian action

  • grant connelly

    She will get some to got laid with lesbians it’s really hot

    • dhildemann

      Could you repeat that in ENGLISH?

      • jim warren

        His hands are both too busy.

  • InspectorGadget80

    They should of tongue kiss each other ;)

  • nick majors

    unless marriage is between one man and one woman, it is not recognized be God, which means it should not be recognized by man.

    • Marc Vanderbush

      She would kick your ass if you said that her face nick majors

      • Marc Vanderbush

        But what you said about about God is true but the are both still his children and He still loves them..

    • Agent Smith

      Boy I hate when bible thumpers try to preach who’s good and who’s evil. If you believe in God, and you believe that we are all created in his image, and you also know that people don’t choose to be homosexual, they’re born that way, then that should tell you that God has nothing against anyone who’s gay because that would also be in his image. This is what pisses me off about religion. People constantly use it as a crutch to spew hate and to judge people.

      Kaitlyn is married to a guy by the way.

    • cardog

      there is no god.

  • latoof

    very nice and kute and dress is very beutifull