Photos Of Former WWE & TNA Star Orlando Jordan’s Wedding In Australia

Former WWE and TNA Impact Wrestling star Orlando Jordan recently got married in Australia, where Jordan currently resides. You can check out photos from Orlando Jordan’s wedding and engagement below:

  • mayhem

    Wasn’t he homosexual?

  • Breanna_Monique

    Wait, he got married to a woman???

  • Exorcist

    He’s Bisexual, but I can see some manly features in his wife if I squint my eye so I don’t know

  • Tamala Hale

    Wow, this is interesting…….His next wedding will be to a man.

  • Jacob June

    This is just another example of why weddings do not prove your hetero and also when people say they are gay, it is for publicity. Both of them apply to this guy, but oh well.

  • OjiMcGillicutty

    Darren Young always reminds me of him lol

  • Spirit_Squad_LUNDGREN

    Australia doesn’t support Same Sex Marriage so of course it’s a woman.