Photos From Natalya & Tyson Kidd’s Wedding For WWE’s “Total Divas” Reality Show

Tyson Kidd and Natalya, who were actually married a few months back, had a wedding on Wednesday night to air on WWE’s Total Divas show. Current WWE stars and former stars attended the ceremony. Here are some photos:

  • Sir .Quala S.

    Theodore James “TJ” Wilson and Natalya Neidhart are really Husbon and Wife is a WWE Storyline Bullshit or did it really happpend if its true now it be Natalya Wilson NOT NEIDHART so when air on any Wrestling Shows they Should say here name I know some of the Wrestlers are Married to each other Wrestlers like the Undertanker Mark Calaway and Wife Michelle Leigh McCool is now Michelle Calaway when she makes a comeback to any Wrestling is she Uesing here really name Michelle Calaway why not so on the other hand is Nataly uesing here realy name Niataly Wilson now

    • Chronkite


    • Labar is a Labore

      who said she took his last night?

      • Yes, sir.

        That and wrestlers always use their real names, right? I guess not.

    • bridget

      Not everyone in show business change their names when they get married. On paper they do but on screen they don’t. They don’t because they are known by those names just think Julia Roberts is married and she kept Roberts as herb last name.same with Catherine zeta Jones, Alissa milano, should I go on? And why would their marriage be part of a story line when they haven’t been on Wwe at the same time in a long time Michelle McCool will probably keep that name too because she’s known by that name. Any one can keep their own last name to begin with its their choice. When you fill out the marriage license you can take the man’s name, keep your name or even the man can take the wife’s name. Maybe next time you can do research before cussing about something you a apparently don’t know anything about.