Photos: New WWE Diva Dasha Kuret aka Dasha Gonzalez

WWE has signed fitness model, beauty queen and gymnast Dasha Gonzalez, now Dasha Kuret to a developmental contract. Check out these photos her:

  • C.J.

    Beautiful woman, no doubt. But, this is the sort of crap that is upsetting. You have all kinds of women out there who are already professional wrestlers because it is their first passion. The WWE seeks out the hottest looking women rather than the most talented. Couldn’t they at least pick out the hottest looking women who already have wrestling as their first passion? They are enabling the suckitude of the Divas Division.

    • carlycane

      I agree. There are plenty of women in the indies that are talented and beautiful. Many of them won’t get signed because of weight, looks or age (since they won’t sign people 30 and over). If they really search, there are women wrestlers that fit the mold. Jessie McKay is a prime example.