Photos: Brie Bella Nip Slip Wardrobe Malfunction From WWE Raw (7/22/13)


WWE Total Diva Brie Bella of The Bella Twins had a nipple slip wardrobe malfunction on the 7/22/2013 RAW. Here are photos from the incident:

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  • SpankyHamm

    Rating will get a bump.

    • Exorcist

      Yeah, the ratings will go up, but just a ‘nip’. Hehe

    • Mike Benj

      I see we both googled this…

  • Burton Ernie

    God bless the DVR!

  • Tits

    That’s not a slip, that’s a presentation

  • 4 Horseman 4 life

    That’s all real, not plastic…

    • cryosin

      actually she had brest implants sorry to burst your bubble

      • Jaime

        nikki had the implants not brie

  • Guest335689864211

    That is a fully.

    • polishmissile

      Insert Daniel Bryan in the back doing the Samson “AAAHHH” while covering his eyes. Great Half Baked reference sir.

  • Darrell West

    I am in love

  • hehehee

    first Katelyn then Brie, thank u WWE

  • Bray Wyatt Eater of Worlds

    A little earlier in the interview she pulled the neckline of the dress down too, she wanted more hype for the show coming up and I like many others have zero problem with the way she sought that attention

  • Mmmmm nip

    Yeah that was totally intentional. No complaints here though

  • John

    1:29 dvr in hd is the best

  • marshall

    I missed it..Eva Marie distracted me

    • Idolizer

      Eva Marie doesn’t even look real.

  • Lee Wilkinson

    Vince is a freaking genius..A new show is about to premier & what better way to gain viewers..A nip slip controversy..The man is a billionaire for a reason..


    we can only see, daniel bryan will get those fruits…

  • cpl

    we want more, never say never, haha

  • Illatit

    Sum were in the back daniel bryan was yellin No No No NO NO NO!

  • Mark Perry


  • bvhkjlbkhjmn,

    it should have came out all the way

  • person

    thats a long nipple lol

  • Joker

    Is this for real ? Pretty damn funny , What an ugly slut. . . . and the ” idolizer ” WTF is that ? A wannabe moist husband to a blowup doll ??? WOW . This shit is better than facebook. You just keep on defending her and I would so ENJOY going to the wedding . . . . { I will bring some bicycle tire patches in case your wife acquires a new hole }

  • Kelly ashford

    I missed it Eva Marie’s fakeness

  • Kelly ashford

    Eva Marie distracted me with her fakeness

  • candyman_726

    I see things’ like that all the time one more will not matter,only thing is I see 2 of them not 1

  • Thomas

    I want to suck that dry.


    lol this was no accident i mean she had no bra on but not complaining thank you WWE,

  • BirdMan9882

    nice dark color to it..which one John and Daniel are lucky. the fat asses and nice ass tits to play with evrynight on the road. Lucky dawgs

  • NeronWillRise

    I’ll take a flat chest over an implant any day. God hates implants

  • peppercorn_culpepper


  • Sakshi Suman

    wow brie next time be little conscious of what you should show or should not in the public. now you are a married woman Daniel won’t like it.

  • trd

    I went to kiss that

  • Jose


  • mike miz

    How beautiful I am in love

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