Photos of CM Punk and AJ Lee Together; Having Lunch, At An Airport, A MLB Game & More

Photos of CM Punk with AJ Lee:

  • Ǎ.Ĵ.

    who is the ugly guy with them

    • blablabla

      i think johnny curtis (fandango) lol.

    • Stewie Just Said That!

      That’s AJ.

  • #AJPunk?

    Why don’t they just confirm or deny the rumors it would make life easier on them. #AJPunk

  • junior butta

    cm punk: best hoe in the world

    • Brandon

      How is CM Punk a gardening tool?

      • junior butta

        CM punk best hoeski in the world, ran thru more divas than anyone else

        • BCPunk

          Jealousy running wild Brother!

  • Shadowboxer1958

    The guy in the white hat in Pic 7 is Fandango. These pictures have been around all year. These people are all co-workers. Maybe AJ can’t go anywhere without a gentleman to go with her. And with all the crazies around, I would sure want Phil Brooks with me … Crazy fans around. It is entertainment people, sorry to break “kayfabe” and tell you it is all storyline, but Jebus, they work hard to entertain us, let them have a bit of a life. :)

    • bink

      These photos have not been out all year these photos have only been around for 2-3 months know your facts silly person

    • Skye

      Aww punk and aj got married they perfect

  • wwefan1

    They are dating and if they don’t want let the public knows that that they’re in a relationship it theirs choice.WWE fans aren’t stupid to see that!!!

  • Ria

    That is not Fandango with them. Since when did Fandago’s legs grow and suddenly have a huge tattoo on the knee? Dumb asses.

    • mike will

      Uhh that definitely is is Johnny Curtis (Fandango) he’s had that tattok on his knee for a while now

      • mike will


  • Dillon Cartwright

    Cm Punks tattoos are disgusting! He’s a wannabee negro rat who must be given a stern lynching!

    • Stewie Just Said That!

      As opposed to a gentle lynching?

    • Davey59

      Your an ass

    • mj

      shut up youre just jealous stop pumping and look at whats in front of u

  • Royale

    Omg no. Look closely it is cm punk, Aj, Paul heyman and Curtis axel.

    • mj

      no DURRRR

  • Angelika Japs Ü (AJ)

    we can clearly see how happy they are with each other,,, im soooo happy for them !

  • nene

    they are together cuz if you get on the internet and search up cm punk or aj and go to there wiki its said cm punk is currently dating aj lee or aj is is dating cm punk i dnt see nothing wrong wit this so get over does it matter they are dating jesus christ