Photos Of The Original Idea For Ryback

Photos Of The Original Idea For WWE Superstar Ryback:

  • Shortstack

    they should have stuck with the original idea for Ryback looks better than the gimmick he current has now I am sorry to say

    • Donte

      He was suppose to be a “Terminator”

      • John Knopick

        LOL with how reckless he’s been in the ring with other people… he might be close to “terminating” his contract with WWE.

  • cj

    Looks like Snitsky in the 1st pic

    • Total Wafflez

      You’re right!

    • The YinYang

      This is one of the best comments I have seen in a long time. Wonder if he likes feet!

    • Fuuudge

      I was gonna say his long lost brother.

  • The Suplex Press

    hahaha I’d rather have the current ryback

  • Kieran

    These photos are years old, I doubt any of these have something to do with WWE

    • Joe Simmons

      exactly! it was the original idea for him….

      • Kieran

        Didnt notice one of the photos had OVW , thought it was for a different company or gym pics etc, also didnt see the contacts ;p

  • titty mcgee

    He wouldn’t of lasted very long probably have some feud with Kane or something, then just leave.

  • Artim Lani

    they should do a Ryback vs Ryblack (Big E Langston) feud

    • justaguy92122

      how about ryback vs a returning hulk hogan, that will be sure to bore everyone to death and end in somebody getting legit hurt