Photos Of WWE Diva Eva Marie & WWE Star Jack Swagger At UFC On Fox 11

Check out these photos of WWE Diva Eva Marie and WWE Superstar Jack Swagger at the UFC on FOX event:

  • Jason

    And….this is how rumors of CM Punk and AJ Lee got started… and now…let the rumors of Jack Swagger and Eva Marie begin…….

    • Cian Dunphy-Smith

      Jack swagger is married

      • Jason

        So was Adam Copeland(Edge) but it didnt stop him from shagging it up with Amy Dumas many years ago..

        • Devang

          They both attended seperately, with their respective spouses.

          • Mr Slippyfist

            Watch Total Divas. Eva is married to that douche in black sitting next to her.

            I’m sure Jack wants nothing to do with her. Shes a complete bitch and airhead.

            Well, that’s how she comes across, from what I’ve seen.

    • jrock2310

      I guess the next time stone cold, Goldberg, & punk attend UFC event we just assume they’re shagging too?

  • C.J.

    Eva Marie is average. AJ is hotter. AJ also isn’t a try-hard when it comes to attention. She has natural charisma.