Photos Of WWE Diva Paige “Making Out” With A Girl

Check out these photos of WWE Diva Paige making out with a girl:


Hot Photos Of WWE Diva Paige Showing Off Her Booty In A Bikini & More

  • KING

    I knew she was a lesbian.

  • Raihan Khan

    no doubt she is a lesbian, sorry boys xd

  • Darnez4

    …Fuck life.

  • Exorcist

    she admitted to being Bisexual a long time ago

    • Shark

      When did she admit this?

  • Bryan Thomas

    Who cares. It’s like any of you were hitting that anyway. She’s bi

  • Necro

    She gets hotter and hotter as time goes by….. – Paige #1 fan

  • Danielson

    Based on those pictures I have a feeling she must really like girls

  • Mark Bassett (MarkyB)

    That’s hardly making out.. straight girls peck each other on the lips all the time for attention.. but it doesn’t matter.

  • TheJakeWaller

    I see shit like this on facebook and twitter every day, they arent even touching lips for crying out loud. get a life!

  • Laurence

    Where’s the pictures of her making out with a girl? Incidentally, that photo of her holding a budweiser… i thought she was underage to drink in america?

    • Joe Archer

      She’s 21.

      • Laurence

        Ah fair enough, for some reason i thought i read about her not being able to party at Wrestlemania because she was underage.

        • Jacob Rael

          she was being responsible

          • Laurence

            I just checked and she was 20 at Wrstlemania. She must have turned 21 between then and now.

          • Joe Archer

            She was not 20 at WrestleMania. She was born in 1992 (Like myself), which means she turned 21 in 2013. Therefore, she was in fact 21 at WrestleMania.

          • Arron Swaisland

            she turned 21 just before her second title reighn her first reigh she was 20 2nd she was 21

        • ATLANTIS

          I read that too. wrestling news sites are always full of shit

        • Jam

          Most wrestling sites are full of crap. Triple H buried the Bleacher Report on a tweet once lol. Paige didn’t party with other superstars during her time in New Orleans because she was being responsible & mature, you know, by behaving & not putting her reputation or her job in jeopardy. Sometimes I think that’s why they put the Djvas title on her.

    • lee

      Those pics are from years ago, 18 is the legal drinking age here in the UK but she was maybe 16 there. Loads if kids get drunk underage.

      And at best she is bi as she has been dating dean ambrose.

  • People Power

    Damn I was hoping that the pic was of Paige making out with Lana, oh well.

  • Conor

    She isn’t a lesbian, she looks about 16 in those photos

  • Ellsworth Allah

    wwe divas never have ass :( except naomi lolll #bestdiva

    • ღℒʊкαღ

      Who cares if none of them have a ass? I mean seriously you sound so fucking superficial -.-t

  • Mr Slippyfist

    I see her kissing a girl, but not making out. I doubt she is gay, chicks do stuff like that all the time.

    Edit: I’m not convinced all of these are of Paige. Some, kind of look like her, others really don’t.

    And even if she is gay, who cares? What is this, 1980?

  • Joe Archer

    Why do you people just jump to the conclusion she’s lesbian? It is possible to be bisexual, you know? God, people are so close-minded, even to this day. Damn sad.

    • Axl Zionsenburg

      Shutup you fucking baby.

      • Joe Archer

        Wah wah wah. Wah wah wah. No, fuck off.

    • Andre Machado

      i havent seen any pics of her kissing dudes, then again its not like id search for that.

  • Jam

    I wonder if she’ll ever come out like Darren Young did… Only if she’s a homosexual, that is. And if she’s gay, then good for her. I see nothing wrong with that as long as she’s happy.

  • Vainilla


  • Sweet N’ Sour Memories

    These are a set of older photos and that blonde would eventually one day become her sister in law. They are just drunk and messing around for shit and giggles. She married Zak a year and half ago I think.

  • GA

    Update: The WWE has officially “buried” Paige due to the events on June 30, 2014. Do not know if any of this stuff here had anything to with that decision.

  • ღℒʊкαღ

    Lmfao paige looks 16 in this picture ._.

  • TheGreatestManWhoEverLived

    Why does everyone always assume lesbian, and not bisexual?