Photos: Randy Orton & His New Girlfriend

Check out these photos of WWE Superstar Randy Orton and his new girlfriend:

  • Frank steiner

    nice lady Randy

  • BrogueKickCutie

    Do we know what’s her name, how old is she, where she’s from, how did they met, when did they met? and by the way, she looks Mexican

    • Emma

      Her name is Kim Kessler, and I don’t know what else. She’s always bragging about Orton, and she trashtalks his fans. Her twitter was Kessler109, but it was deleted.

      • BrogueKickCutie

        thanks, i can tell this relationship won’t last because of this

  • sheliaeaves90

    whose the other guy in kim’s photos

    • ChloeMatthews

      Probably her ex-spouse of some sort.

  • ChloeMatthews

    She looks like Tamina Snuka, Nikki Bella, and Victoria combined into one human. She’s really not that pretty, and I don’t think their relationship was last very long considering he just got out of a divorce a little over a year ago.

    • Fullofit

      Shut up Chloe

      • ChloeMatthews

        FUCK OFF

    • greatness60

      nice one..hehe

    • Kylie Davis

      I think your right. He should be with Sam and Alana.

  • Kylie Davis

    I read on a different website that she has 3 sons and is very tacky. I also read that Randy was taking her and her 3 sons to Disneyland, next month, and that he didn’t give a f**k and his daughter Alana. If he didn’t, why would he get her name tattooed on his arm…tattoos are forever. And he did just get a divorce. He can do a whole lot better, she seems like the type who is very demanding and very greedy. I don’t see it lasting very long. He needs to be focused on his career in WWE and his daughter Alana. Him and Samantha should make it work and make Alana happy. She has it the worst of the divorce.

    • Stefani Rudigier

      just because he tattooed his daughters name on him doesnt mean he cares forever, marriage is supposed to be forever and look what happened there, im not saying he doesnt care about his daughter but a tattoo shouldn’t be a reason why he does, dudes tattoo their kids name on them all the time to make themselves look good, just to have another tattoo. again not saying he doesnt care and ive seen his instagram he does hes posted about her and its sad they divorced they could have been a happy family.


    Ew me personally I think he could do a WHOLE LOT better…heard that she made him block a fan on Twitter. .she needs to chill lol liked his wife a whole lot better. She was cute :D


    HOW….THE….HELL DID randy find the time to find a new gf Anyway? Its not like his rolling around in his rover with his friends looking for some girls? I’m highly confused right now :/