Photos: Rey Mysterio Possibly Injured At Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown Tapings

Rey Mysterio apparently injured his knee in the Fatal 4 Way match with he, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston and Mark Henry that will air on Friday’s SmackDown.

During the match at Tuesday’s tapings in Ontario, California, Rey landed bad and quickly went out to the floor and laid down beside the steel steps. Rey pulled one of his pant legs up and removed the large knee brace that he wears, clearly in pain.

  • CMMC3788

    welp looks like rey rey needs to call it quits….

  • Sir William McCormick

    When is Rey going to get it? Watching the little engine that could run out of gas, or bust a wheel is tragic to watch.

  • James Humwood

    I like Rey but man just give up man your knees can’t take this business anymore :( easy Wwe Hall of famer though

  • Mordecai

    Rey will confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life if he doesn’t call it a day very soon. He hasn’t nothing left to prove and has had an incredible career. We’d much rather see him walking later in life than see him hit the 619.

    • Derek

      That’s so true! I Keep forgetting just how old he is (40), cause he’s a little guy and has a mask! Retire and go into the hall in a few years.

      • Mordecai

        welcome Derek.

        • Derek

          Hey! Figured id give it a try lol too many people over there are pissing me off lol
          Everyone just whines and cries about everything! And worst part is.. They are all young Cena fans who know nothing about wrestling lol

          • Mordecai

            yep, way too much negativity over there. Sure, the comments sections are active, but whats the point when 90% of it is just trolling crap.

          • Derek

            Damn! U should go over there and read what shit I wrote and what I’ve started lol think I am speaking the truth? It’s under austin on talent not being held back! If u get the time let me know what u think lol

  • Dev9h

    It’s that time Rey, hang up the mask and the boots and just retire. Nothing left to prove.

  • Grant Ryan Lenton

    HHH called him back too soon. WWE needs to start giving it’s Superstars the appropriate time off they need to heal and rest, and stop worrying so much about the ratings. Pressuring Rey to come back too soon could have major consequences in the near future for him. They need to look after their Superstars a lot better. If someone isn’t ready to Wrestle, then they’re not ready to Wrestle. Clearly Rey wasn’t/isn’t ready. You could see when he made his return that his knee wasn’t right.

  • Derek

    Rey reminds me of old yeller! Its sad but he needs to be put outta his misery!

  • Melissa Karry

    Rey plzzz try to stay a little bit longer I don’t want u to retire yet.