Photos: Roman Reigns Gets 17 Hours Of Tattoo Work Done

Roman Reigns recently had 17 hours of tattoo work done on his Samoan tribal sleeve tattoo. Below, you can see the before and after.

  • peggy alderson

    I think Roman has a graet tattoos it is really Looks Good on roman on him hes my best friend I Like him he is a nice Guy but I Like your tattoos it s Looks very sexy on you with all your tattoos you are a Great man you 28 years old go fore it your biggest wwe fan peggy Alderson say Hi to my Boyfriend Dean Ambrose for me

  • brandy

    This is an awesome tattoo. And roman reigns is a very gorgeous super sexy man.

  • brandy

    Hey roman my name is brandy edwards. I think that you are the sexiest man in the wwe and ever since I first saw the shield the first thing was damn he’s hot as hell. And that tattoo is incredible. I love tattoos and I plan to get more as soon as I can get a job and start getting some money. But who knows maybe I can get another one for my birthday next month. October 18. I haven’t had a chance to say but I just wanted say congratulations to you on your family I know they are very beautiful. Well time for paranormal witness I am going to go and watch it. I hope to see you on smack down and hope that you can write me back sometime. Thank you.

  • Robin Bryant

    Dear Roman I really think your awesome I love the tribal tattoo on your right arm could u plz tell me who is your tattoo artist and where he tattoos out of? I really want tribal like that on both my legs Ive been really trying to find a tattoo artist here in the states But I haven’t really been having any luck ,could u plz send me the name of yours and the name of the shop .You and the shield keep kicking ass. Robin Bryant

    • peggy alderson

      I think Roman Reigns Dose a pretty Good work on His tattoo He Done His work He Did his skitch Art on His tattoo Roman he knows what Hes doing hes good I know my dad Roman Reigns is my Real father he has a 44 year old Daugther and peggy alderson hes my dad because I know it I work in a Dna similar I know dad Roman Riegns is my daddy your fan

      Go shield
      your friend peggy Alderson

    • Chloe

      Samoa Mike out of Tampa FL

  • Hind Hind

    h idear roman I think you are a sexiest man on earth

  • Sharath V

    Roman Reigns : My super hero comes with super man punch and finish with speare. Attracted by his suprime tatoo great one roman. I watch wwe for your actions. Ones i need play a tag team match with u wanna see u in action as ur partner. Finally i jjst wanna say Roman u are suprime. BELIEVE THAT

  • Daniel

    Roman i want a tattoo like that on my right arm to and i really appreciate if u can tell me where is the shop u got it at and the person name who maid it for u plz