Photos: The Undertaker Using Crutches To Get Around?

Check out these two new photos of The Undertaker from earlier this week:



  • Larry Brown

    Didn’t he just have another surgery of some kind?

  • Kyle Konze

    There’s always a picture surfacing the Web of The Undertaker looking like he’s done in the ring and will NEVER wrestle again and then outta nowhere he makes a return and headlines WrestleMania!!

  • tkthetank

    I would mark out the hardest if I bumped into Taker.

  • Leon Nick Perkins

    He’s in his 50s. What do you expect. He’s payed his dues. The guy cant wrestle forever. Hopefully he beats John cena before he retires, if not, I respect the guy for all he’s done

  • Ivan Gonzalez

    I have one question
    Who’s wearing a leg brace in this picture which most likely that person uses crutches to get around?

  • Kathy Banks

    He has wore a brace on one leg for a while . And his wife Michelle is has skin cancer so they both need our prayers.

  • Tim Sullivan

    youre all idiots.. look at the damn pic.. the girl standing next to him has a walking boot on her foot.. the crutches are obviously hers! morons

    • roy

      lol i dont know whats wrong with people now a days they believe pigs would fly too lol