Photos Of TNA Lockdown 2014 Attendance

Fans posted photos of the arena from TNA Lockdown in Maiami on Twitter. According to fans, there were less than 1,500 fans in attendance at the event. Apparently the “hard camera” side of the arena was half filled while the other side (photos below) only had people in the first several rows:

  • Noel Lackey

    Good for them. They lost me as a fan when they blocked me from commenting on their Facebook for absolutely no reason. I emailed them questioning it but have yet to get a response.

    • Kim willay

      Good for them? All because someone blocked you on Facebook?

      Damn. I would hate to incur your wrath for taking you off a Christmas card list and I bet unfollowing you on Twitter would cause you to go on a murderous rampage.

      Why good for them? Will your life get better? Will you earn more money?

      A lot of good people in the trucks, setting up the rings, selling concessions at the events, etc will lose gainful employment if TNA goes under.

      It isnt just about getting Bully Ray off your TV or smacking whatever employee blocked you on Facebook.

      I will never understand how fans without a vested financial interest care about ppv buys or wishing a company to close.

      You wont earn one extra dime if TNA goes out of business and your bank account and life will not be better.

      You will lose something to complain about and an extra few hours of wrestling to totally not watch a month, though.

      Yeah! That will show them for blocking YOU

      • Noel Lackey


  • Raihan Khan

    tna suck, R.I.P soon

  • bengalsmarvel

    Just for the record when you take pictures of the empty parts of the arena to make them look bad it makes it look worse than it is. When i went to impact in October they don’t even sell tickets to that side of the arena except on the floor and only sell to the TV side so before people freak out too much remember they don’t even sell tickets in those sections LOL. On the other hand they still have a ways to go when it comes to the quality of their product though i think they have improved since Hogan left.

    • codyT

      Its not that they don’t sell those tickets it’s that they don’t sell those tickets until the other side fills up. So that means there wasn’t a demand to even fill the camera side