Photos: Vince McMahon Presents New WWE Logos At Company Headquarters

As reported, WWE added their new logos to company headquarters in Stamford, CT this afternoon. Vince McMahon tweeted the following:

  • RReigns121314

    Asif they actually have a 9.99 flag now looool

  • Duclos

    People, it’s a new era. The logo looks great. We grew up liking our era. Kids today will grow up liking the current era. That’s how life is.

    • bakayaro_konoyaro666

      New era my ass. Still the same ol stale PG era.

      • 999

        it’s the $9.99 era

  • Marck-WWEDivas

    You have to be fucking kidding me Vince McMahon with that 9.99 flag

    • rudy

      Consider it a part of the logo from now on. It’s an entire campaign centered around the concept. Its part of the brand now. Significant resources have been spent in advertising, specifically, the three numbers 9.99. The philosophy revolves around the value, hence the target market and the advertising of the price everywhere.They will continue to do this until they exceed their goal in subscribers and brake even. It is truly a new era. In a risky move, and that’s an understatement, WWE transformed their infrastructure with a whole new business model centered all around the network. Vince is the bravest man alive.

  • LissaG

    I cannot believe no one has mentioned the most glaring thing from those photos… day, we will look back upon this day and not see the new flags (even that ridiculous $9.99 one)….no, we will look back upon this day as the day Vince McMahon wore *that* tie….in public….and allowed pictures. It looks like he swallowed a clown and it is trying to escape out of Vince’s throat.

  • SleepyDroid.

    annoy me with 9.99$ will not make me want it. Focus on making the product better instead.

  • Asturias_Knytt

    Wow $9.99 seriously? That is beyond tacky. Why would anyone pay for the network when you can get everything online for free. Well I guess dumb people are dumb people.