Photos Of The New WWE Title Belt The Rock Debuted On WWE Raw

– WWE Champion The Rock debuted the new WWE Championship belt on this week’s RAW from Lafayette.

Here are photos: is already selling replicas of the new WWE Title belt for $449.99 at this link.

  • Chintuz

    The center plate of the Championship is the same which once was leaked and CM Punk denied that this is the new WWE Championship but i must say it really sucks even the
    Dream championship
    K1 Championship
    Strike force Championship are better then this one
    This one is not even better then the TNA world heavyweight Championship
    They should really bring the Big Eagle Gold WWE Championship it was the Best

  • corvelay

    Kinda really ugly. I hope this is just a transitional belt for a transitional champ.

  • Drew

    There was a time when Rock had a custom belt like Stone Cold did, but was never revealed. Perhaps this is a way to make up for it. I think this belt is just for The Rock while they work on the final design. This could possibly mean that he may be holding onto the Title longer than we think. And they should bring back the Big Eagle belt with a little bit of an update.

  • Knitemare!

    Looks fucking cheap like they just slapped the wwe logo on it… No effort. I miss the wwf title.. This is fucking horse shit.

  • trotter2k

    Its ugly as hell, even Stone Cold’s looked better then this and i agree they should bring back the proper belt back.

  • Masked Gentleman

    What in the blue Hell is WWE thinking? Worst looking belt EVER! I cqan make that belt and I have no talent in belt making. a 5 yr old probably made this belt because they liked the “Tooth Fairy” WWE Has just disappointed me yet AGAIN!