Plans For Babyface Stars On Next Week’s WWE Raw, Dusty Rhodes To Wrestle At Battleground?

– The idea for next week’s RAW is that the top babyface Superstars who came to Daniel Bryan’s aid at the end of Monday night’s show will be punished. Some of the stars who made the save were Kofi Kingston, Rob Van Dam, Darren Young, Titus O’Neil and others.

– As reported, Dolph Ziggler has earned a future United States Title shot against Dean Ambrose after defeating him in a non-title match on last night’s RAW.

Ziggler may not get his title shot at next month’s Battleground pay-per-view as there is talk of doing a match with The Shield vs. The Rhodes Family at Battleground. The Rhodes team would be made up of Goldust, Cody Rhodes and Dusty Rhodes. WWE using Dusty in the match is still up in the air.


  • Marc K.

    Baby faces to be punished? Not news to me. Tell me something new.

  • luke

    sick of the babyfaces being punished for helping come on now randy should be punshied for what he done to miz

  • Jason

    Id love to see the American Dream get back in the ring using them elbows!