Plans For Summer Rae’s Return To TV, Mark Henry Appears In New Movie, WWE Website Traffic

– Even though she was dumped by Fandango, the current plan is for Summer Rae to return as a singles heel. As noted, she’s currently away filming The Marine with The Miz.

– Mark Henry noted on Twitter that he has a part in the new Haunted House 2 movie that’s out.

– WWE’s website traffic averaged 21.3 million unique visitors combined for January and February of this year. January 2013 averaged 14.6 million and February 2013 averaged 13.8 million.

(Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Todd Farabee

    this bitch smacked the shit out natalya on total divas

  • Necro

    Singles heel? I guess, out of the total divas she’s 2nd best after Natalya… will she fare? Who knows, but she has some talent.

  • Josh Hall

    fuck that stupid bitch (not a pun) bring emma onto total divas!