Possible Divas Title Match Between Paige & AJ Lee At WWE Extreme Rules (Photo)

There were rumors of an AJ Lee vs. Paige submission match at WWE Extreme Rules after the graphic seen below started going around social media last night.

It could be a fan creation as the graphic was never shown on the USA Network and the match obviously hasn’t been announced by WWE yet. Also, the style of graphics used doesn’t match WWE.com’s official graphic for the John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt match.

  • http://foxhoundwrestling.blogspot.com/ NostalgiaFH

    clearly a fan graphic!

    • Sean

      Not a good one either…

  • Necro

    No matter what type of match they have, it WILL BE GREAT. – Paige Fan

  • cj

    It would be an awesome match , Aj’s black widow vs Paige’s submission move (sorry idk the name). I hope WWE realizes the gold they have with this Aj/Paige feud. The two most popular divas on the roster and the fans have been waiting for a year for this. I think Paige will give Aj her best matches since PayBack when she won the title last June.


    I Quit wouldnt happen but I wouldnt mind a submission match or two out of three falls between these two!