Possible Divas Title Match For WrestleMania, Speculation On Main Event Title Change Tonight

There are people within WWE that feel parts of last night’s show from Memphis, including AJ Lee getting laid out for the loss in the Divas tag match, were meant as a message to CM Punk for not coming back to the company in Chicago.

Those same people feel that AJ might be punished for her relationship with Punk on tonight’s WWE Main Event where she will face Natalya with the title on the line.

Based on the Nikki Bella and Natalya staredown on RAW last night and with Naomi expected back soon, it could be Naomi vs. Natalya vs. Nikki Bella at WrestleMania XXX as there was talk of doing a multi-Diva match on the show.

(Partial source: PWInsider)

  • FearTheSpear

    if AJ loses the title over some pettiness that has nothing to do with her than that’s some BS

    • Jesse Reid

      It’s all politics now homie

  • Sir William McCormick

    Are you kidding me? I don’t care how Total Divas is doing. You just don’t let the most over Diva in the company carry the strap for the entire year just to lose it as a bargaining chip for a reality show.

  • Michael Stonebridge

    When the reason you were longest reigning Diva’s Champion and dropping pipbombs leaves, don’t expect to be carrying on as you were.

  • AMP

    straight up BS I do think that Natalya would be a great champ but not this year not yet

  • JillianHallTNA

    This is so unproffesional by WWE. The go as far as into their employee’s personal life and punish her for that…. Instead of doing that, they should just have a Divas Steel Cage match or something like TNA does with their women!

  • Jason

    Using a diva’s championship as a bargaining chip for a reality show goes to show they don’t care about making a new generation of talent of diva’s..they just care about talentless actresses that dont give a damn about that belt at or the legacy that a women’s championship possess


    Wow. I hope this doesnt happen. I like all three of those divas listed but come on AJ is the best thing going. And the potential AJ/Tamina feud is the only glimmer of hope that this division has at the moment.

  • cj

    I knew they were gonna make Aj lose the title just to have a storyline for total diva’s. Just so they can say use the footage of them at WM on the show. Just like last year when the Bella’s and Funkadactyls got on the card and the match was canceled, all that was just a storyline for total diva’s. If Aj loses just because of her dating Punk and for HIS actions that she has nothing to do with, then that’s dumb. Natalya is an amazing wrestler but she is boring, not her fault, wwe just does nothing with her character. Bella’s aren’t over no matter how hard they try, and neither are the Funks. The whole diva’s division is just a storyline for total diva’s now and that’s bs.

  • Cody Cosmos

    Whether this is true or not. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth when the diva’s of a reality show get put more over than the current champion of their division. And diva’s besides AJ which are not on the show, are basically a doormat for the rest. Also mocking someones tattoo to commemorate a child-hood dream achieved is completely shortsighted, looking at you JBL.

  • APayne95

    I wish they would do AJ vs Paige at mania. only divas match I want to see!

    • Josh

      Same here. Have aj defending her title against paiges title… involve lita coming out to make the save for paige… paige wins and post mania storyline for aj v lita building for next mania. Pencil it in wwe creative team

  • chris

    Lol..I think AJ had the title for 8 months ..its about time she dropped it…the fact that she has had the title for that long and had a bodyguard for the majority of her title run shows that the company was behind her..she needs to drop the damn thing anyway..i cant believe people are defending the AJ

  • Bryan Thomas

    Fuck total divas. FUCK TOTAL DIVAS. except natalya. On that note, Paige should stay on nxt because if she comes up to raw, she’ll get squashed by the fucking bellas. Average looking ass chicks with no talent. I live in their hometown Scottsdale AZ and the typical women here look better than the bellas

  • FlawlessRKO

    Look at how stupid you all look now.

  • bengalsmarvel

    Well it didnt happen so i guess that’s put to rest huh?

  • James Humwood

    wwe needs to go fu*k themselves aj has done nothing to deserve this just because punk left it automaticallymakes it her fault that’s bullsh*t. and having her lose the title just to further a reality tv show is dumb as hell. aj is the only main roster diva worth anything and wwe is punishing her I think aj should just tell wwe to go f them selves >_<