Possible Feud for Daniel Bryan When He’s Able to Return, WWE SmackDown Viewership Up

– Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown drew 2.966 million viewers, up from last week’s 2.762 million viewers. SmackDown was #3 on cable for the night, behind Zapped and Girl Meets World.

– Besides Kane, one possible feud for Daniel Bryan later this year or whenever he’s able to return is against Randy Orton. Before Bryan got injured, WWE had been planning to do Bryan vs. Orton again at some point.

(Partial source: F4Wonline.com)

  • bgilman45

    Really, you don’t think Seth Rollins to give Rollins to push he needs going into a title shot or a title run?

    • Necro

      What the fuck does this mean?

      • Xx_Deadpool_xX

        He means Rollins and Bryan when he comes back

      • bgilman45

        Thanks deadpool … yeah i was responding to the suggestion in the post about a Orton vs. Bryan feud.
        I figured Rollins vs. Bryan would make sense … and be fun. Both those guys really sell out.

        • Necro

          Oh that whole sentence just confused me. sorry about that

          • thesmarktank

            I know this comes off as fanboy-like, but I think a feud with Ziggler would be great. The fans love each of them and this might force the fans to pick a side. Similar to Wyatts/Shield, this would be a huge PPV match, Face vs Face.

  • cj

    The Bryan/Kane and Bryan/Orton Thing was already played out & ran its course when it was happening , but with Bryan out for a long time , no one wants to see it happens whenever he returns . I did wanna see Kane/Bryan in the buried alive match but he needs a fresh fued , hell all of them .