Possible Names For This Year’s Huge Survivor Series Match

This years Survivor Series is already announced that it will feature John Cena and The Rock teaming together for one time only.

The Rock and John Cena together on a team will be part of a massive main event WWE wants to promote for this years Survivor Series.

As of now, the current plan is for a team that is anti-WWE to face a team that is defending WWE. The anti-WWE team is not fully known at this time but obviously will feature the “future endeavored” stars of The Miz, R-Truth and Kevin Nash. There is said to be a few other names talked about internally to align themselves on the anti-WWE team, even Vince McMahon has been rumored to be a participant in the match, but a full lineup is not yet known.

On the other side of the ring, the WWE team is definitely going to feature The Rock, John Cena and Triple H. After speaking with sources, WWE wants to have another big name involved. As of now, the two names on the wish list are The Undertaker or Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Both Stone Cold and The Undertaker are huge names and symbolize the WWE legacy. It is believed the team would only have one of those two men. If Austin was to be involved, I was told this would ensure CM Punk being on the team as well.

“The Rock and Cena feud has been featured on screen and on twitter. Stone Cold and Punk rivalry has been acknowledged as well, it would be a great fit they get everyone together” is what a source said to me.

The source did say they feel if Austin was to be on this team with Punk at Survivor Series, the chances of him performing in a big singles match at WrestleMania 28 would “highly increase.” I asked why he feels that way and he said because if he has another match it will be with CM Punk and it would make sense that the two big featured matches at Mania would all be teammates at Survivor Series as they try to defend the WWE and preserve traditions like WrestleMania against the anti-WWE faction.

From what I am hearing, Stone Cold Steve Austin is the tougher name to get to agree to do the match. Austin has never ruled out getting in the ring again but wants things to be the right situation. The Undertaker would be the more likely option as most in the company are expecting him to come back sometime in the next couple months to get ready for WrestleMania.

Yesterday, We posted a story about Alberto Del Rio winning at Hell In A Cell being a “game day” decision. Apparently part of what potentially is causing the last minute changes is the uncertainty of where everyone fits in at Survivor Series. Originally, Cena being involved in the Survivor Series team match while being the champion was going to be the plan but now depending on who else is on the team they might go with having a separate WWE championship.

I was told while there are blanks to fill, WWE wants to have them filled by Vengeance. We had an exclusive last month about Vince McMahon wanting this years Survivor Series to be a big deal and therefore these blanks need to be filled in by Vengeance so everyone knows what the game plan is for the next month leading into Survivor Series.