Possible Reason Why The Wyatt Family Attacked Chris Jericho, More on Jericho & Bray Wyatt

Last night’s RAW wasn’t the first encounter between Bray Wyatt and Chris Jericho as they wrestled each other in the main event of the May 2nd, 2013 WWE NXT episode, a match that Jericho won. The stipulation for the match was that if Jericho lost, he had to join The Wyatt Family. It’s possible that WWE picks back up on that for this new storyline.

Jericho said in one interview last year that Wyatt would be a main roster star in one year and a major star in two. Jericho has said in other interviews that he requested to work with Wyatt when he went to NXT. With Jericho reportedly having some creative input into his returns, it’s possible that he asked to work with Wyatt again.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Meh.. Bray has already been ‘elevated’ by Cena, this would do him no good.

    • Jason

      Bray has been buried by Cena, what are you smoking?

      • Ronnie

        Do you see him jobbing to Santino? He’s not buried quit being ridiculous.

      • Monkey D. Luffy

        sorry, i was being sarcastic if you couldn’t tell. Damn you for making me explain it!

        • Jason

          Lol :P

  • Necro

    Aye props to Jericho, he actually cares and wants to put effort into putting guys over.

    • Jason

      That’s why Y2J is a legend and has the respect of just about every fan and fellow talent

  • TheJakeWaller

    if jericho requested to talk to me it would be an honor, let alone requesting to work with me

  • jmull

    But Jericho has got to win a feud now and then or he will continue to lose credibility. And dude needs to hit the gym.