Possible Sign Daniel Bryan Needs Another Surgery, Latest On Why He Was Pulled From Tour

PWMania.com reported earlier that Daniel Bryan is no longer being advertised for WWE’s European tour in November. It had been reported that Bryan would not be wrestling on the tour but would likely do an in-ring promo or a ringside angle.

For what it’s worth, a source noted to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter this week that if Bryan wasn’t going to be able to appear due to the injury, then he would be pulled from the advertising and that’s what happened on Wednesday.

Bryan being pulled from the tour could be a sign that he has received an update from doctors and will need another round of surgery. That has not been confirmed yet.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Necro


  • Justin

    So this is what? surgery #3?

    • Mark Bassett (MarkyB)


  • codys moustache

    No disrespect to the American dragon but this shit is getting old.
    I for one would prefer no more reports until some concrete info is available.

  • CMP

    Great. Maybe Bryan will be able to return to at Royal Rumble in 2024.

  • cj

    According to wrestling sites , Bryan needs a whole new body in general lol

  • tkthetank

    I feel bad for DB and his fans (me) he finally broke through the glass ceiling. 2014 was destined to be his year. But as we saw with Alberto Del Rio at WM 27 sometimes destiny can be upturned.

  • Jason

    Lets face it, with all these surgeries adding on one by one, his recovery is slim to none. Daniel Bryan is just like Martin Luther King. He’s stuck in a coma so the only thing he CAN DO is DREAM. But his early retirement is coming. If all he’s doing is getting surgery after surgery it adds onto his recovery and all its going to do is force him out.

    Via Example: Evan Bourne. His recovery was so damn long that went on and on and on he ended up with a release. So don’t be surprised if it ends up with Daniel Bryan following.

    WWE has no use for damaged goods. and its been like that for many many years.

  • http://www.philknowsbest.com/ PhilDogg

    Daniel Bryan came into my work last week w/ Brie in AZ and I casually asked him about a timetable of returning and he basically said “He doesn’t know when he’s returning and his doctor thinks he MAY need another surgery”…