Possible Sign Daniel Bryan Won’t Be Dropping The WWE World Heavyweight Title At Payback

It was noted before that WWE didn’t plan on stripping Daniel Bryan of the WWE World Heavyweight Title unless he was going to be out for a while. With Bryan already being advertised for June live events, that’s an indication that WWE expects him back sooner and him dropping the title at Payback is unlikely.

Regarding the angle with Brie Bella potentially being fired, Renee Young asked Bryan what he would do on the RAW post-show this week and Bryan just said it was a tough decision but he’s going to have to do what’s right.

  • hsixshjz

    Daniel is fit for nothing. Don’t even compare him to CM Punk which most of the people do. Well i understand punk isn’t a big guy but neither is he a small guy. As far as Daniel is concerned, he is a dwarf ! who can’t get taller even with his big BOOTS. He’s a hobbit and that’s a fact !!!

    • CMP

      According to your ignorant statement Big Show is the most entertaining and deserving superstar because he’s so tall. Logs of hot wet poop literally ooze from your mouth when you speak.

    • Being Benjamin

      Wow.. Really? Wow. Bryan is one of the best wrestlers on the friggin’ planet. You seem to worship the ground CM Punk walks on.. but in case you didn’t notice Bryan picked up the ball CM Punk dropped and became the most over face in the company where poor CM Punk turned heel because he couldn’t get past the fact that little kids and the ladies LOVE Cena more than they loved him. CM Punk took his cry baby ball and went home.. Bryan picked it up and along with the Shield have been driving forward.

      Without Bryan Raw has been shit. The ratings spike when he’s on then drop off again when he’s not. Monday night Bryan showed some pretty awesome fire which I hope we see more of from him.

      I for one hope Phil Brooks stays at home.. and his “marks” go with him.

      • Mario Cardone

        So that guy might be worshiping punk while you’re doing the opposite. This is getting no where guys.

      • Bryan

        Correction, although he has wrestled the best, like kenta, kota ibushi, nigel mcguiness, he’s not one of the best. Perhaps one of the best on wwe

        • pancho

          The guy said ONE of the best on the friggin’ planet. Most true wrestling fans (and people in the business) would agree with that statement.

          • Bryan

            I know he said one of the. If he thinks that then that his opionion and i respect it. He’s a major uograde from what has been shoved in our face for the last 9 years. Major upgrade.

          • pancho

            Just sayin . . . most true fans/marks/those in the business would disagree with what you said. Plus, you corrected him. A little confusing on your part.

          • Bryan

            Because IMO he’s not one of the best. I mean he’s in my top 20 and he’s one of the better workers in wrestling today, but there are at least ten guys who i think are better than him. Who’s your top 5?

          • pancho

            Idk. Tough call. Im just saying most would probably have him in top 10 for sure. I like Kenta, Cesaro, Sami (Generico), Aries, AJ, Bryan, Angle. But, not sure I have a top 5. Each is different and brings something different to the table. Sometimes I like one better than the other and then the next week, I like what the other has done better.

          • Bryan

            Maybe those who are only faimiliar with that one product would. But i’m sure there are guys who this chris hero, kota ibushi, Kyle O’Reilly are better workers. Who knows? It’s a subject topic.

          • pancho

            I do love Hero. Dropped the ball big on that one.

      • Bryan

        No one respects that cm punk walks out. What if he really was hurting? Even if he wasn’t hurting though, i respect him for not rolling over for anybody.

    • https://twitter.com/notpeanutbutter Jam

      lmfao, this person thinks size actually matters. Best to not try to argue with a dumbass.

  • chris

    I cant stand that they have unified belts..if not Bryan could be out and it wouldn’t be a problem and we would have a title match..the fact that were watching 2 straight evolution/shield match and wyatt/cena is on its 3rd straight is getting a little tale

    • cj

      You’re right if they had separate titles they could just lean on the other title in D.Bryans absence. Another thing is what about the MITB PPV ? THeres always been two money in the bank matches, and that’s what made the ppv worth watching, now they’re only gonna have one and have lackluster matches around it

  • Yusei Asakura

    You know DB being off of this ppv or rather the WWHC not being defended this ppv might actually be a good thing.

    Creative is basically forced yes I’m saying forced to build up storylines for all the other titles We have to IC title and the US title being defended on the same ppv card? how long as that been since that happened? The Womens Title being Defended in it’s 3rd ppv in a row ( I’m expecting that cycle to break sometime this year) Now all we need is for the Tag Titles to be defended and every tittle title would’ve been defended on a ppv

    Not to mention this could honestly start a new era on belt surrendering

  • Bryan

    It doesn’t matter whether he loses the title or not. In order for a reign to be good, the oppsition has to be good. So far he’s had kane lol. But who comes after kane is out of the way? Cena would be a step backwards for the company, bray is hurting in this cena feud right now, dolph is barely floating above relevancy, sandow no longer relevant, cm punk gone, orton needs a break from daniel bryan, batista will be promoting his movie, sheamus is recovering from mid card abuse. So how can daniel bryan even have a great title reign to begin with?

  • jmull

    I just hope Bryan doesn’t feel pressured to return too soon in order to keep his spot; he needs to be fully healthy going forward.

  • cj

    I kinda like the idea of D.Bryan not defending the title at Payback. Only because it gives the other superstars in the other matches to prove they can steal the show because there’s really no main event . & Payback is a minor ppv compared to others so not seeing Kane vs Bryan (again) isn’t really a loss. It actually gives more build up towards the next ppv & the supposed buried alive match between the two. Have the title in a segment or angle in this ppv to begin the story for the next ppv & give the mid carders their chance to shine here. WWE has a ppv every 3-4 weeks and championship matches with little to no build up, let them build the story more w/o defending it at Payback and it’ll make it more better at MITB. You still have Cena vs Bray & Shield vs Evolution , Cesaro vs Sheamus, RVD vs Barrett all of which can potentially 5star matches, the WWEWHC being defended won’t be missed to badly at this ppv .