Possible Spoiler: Major Change To The Champion vs. Champion Match At WWE’s TLC PPV?

A promo aired during tonight’s WWE Main Event tapings in Uncasville, CT where Triple H said he wanted only one WWE Champion and wanted to unify both titles with the Randy Orton vs. John Cena match at next month’s TLC pay-per-view.

Our correspondent wasn’t sure if Triple H was making the announcement that the match will now be to unify the titles or if he was just talking about what he wanted to do. We will post more details when they become available.

  • jacob

    TLC should be awesome with John Cena and Randy Orton look at their past matches

  • The Knight of Truth

    What I think will happen: Cena grabs the WWE Title and Orton grabs the WHC title. The match is drawn but with the title exchange. This way Cena can return to the main event and face the WHC at WM 30 for the real title unification match…..

    As predictable as the idea might seem, its far better than Cena retaining the WHC and Orton the WWE title, with no title exchange making bout whole bout pointless. Regardless I cant see the unification at a secondary ppv like TLC. Its either Royal Rubles, WrestleMania, SummerSlam or Survivor Seriese…….

    • Wrestling Dog

      If that happens and it ends up with Punk or Bryan (WHC) v Cena (WWE) I will be very happy.
      Even happier if its Punk or Bryan that wins it.
      Can’t see the person with the World titles winning it though, as that will put that title over the wwe title, which we know won’t happen

      • crptx

        So then what about the winner of the Royal Rumble. Does he not get a shot in the Wrestlemania 30 main event because they are having champion vs champion?

        • Wrestling Dog

          Not thought about that too be honest?
          Triple threat?
          Or as others have suggested Brock wins it and uses the option to face Undertaker?

          • hunter st petta

            DO YOU HAVE A FACEBOOK? wwe dog

          • Wrestling Dog

            I don’t sorry, why?

        • hunter st petta

          no no no stop right there gusse what what about HHH he should get him VS. big show VS. hbk RIGHT

    • The Professor

      Your the smartest guy on here I agree I think that will happen it makes the most sense.

      • hunter st petta

        lets see hhh vs. big show the winner is #1 challenger nodq match on TLC

    • The Knight of Truth

      But if they are unified cat TLC, it would be the biggest shock ever. But the legacy of the title held by the loser would be tarnished. But it would be meaningful at WM 30 and the retired title will still be highly prominent as will be all its regimes……

  • bengalsmarvel

    If they eliminate the world title then the undercard guys will be buried for even longer

    • Wrestling Dog

      It also means guys that are good, but never one of ‘The Guys’, like Ziggler and Sandow, will never be world champion.

      • Wrestling Dog

        Ps I know Ziggler has been world champion, but I mean guys like him in the future.

  • ReignsRKOfromHellDigitRikishi

    I Think that if they unfi the titles then US and intercontinatel will mean more

  • RomanRoad

    I like the idea of unifying the titles there isn’t enough stars to have two separate world titles. I just hope cena is the champ that puts over the new champ at mania and I hope that new champ is a fresh face for the title picture!

  • RandyRambles

    I discovered that hulk hogan shawn michaels and John cena are all snakes according to Chinese astrology. Each one of them buried potential opponents while on top of wwe and can be blamed for a lack of big stars during their respective runs. The greatest wrestling star of all time was Steve Austin who was a dragon in Chinese astrology. It’s funny how the wrestling business is often referred to as the snake pit and that it seems those of the snake sign in Chinese astrology seem to all rise to the top of the industry. Of course a dragon is more dominant than a snake and the last dragon wwe had was ken Kennedy who I might add was destined to be wwes next big star. Some truth to Chinese astrology makes for a fascinating insight into the type of personalities destined for success within wrestling.
    Just for the record, flair was an ox. Ambrose is also an ox.
    The rock was a rat, which I find interesting.
    Vince and hhh are roosters along with fandango Daniel Bryan and ryback.
    Punk and Bradshaw are horses, both of who held the wwe for lengthy title runs.
    Wwes biggest potential star is anyone born of the dragon sign but the most successful wwe stars are snakes. With the exception of shawn who would have been had he not been injured.

    • Wrestling Dog

      Fuck off.


    But if they unify the titles ppvs will have less matches and only one main event

  • hunter st petta

    i think that it will be john cena vs. randy orton fare as fare