Possible Spoiler On Randy Orton vs. John Cena At Sunday’s WWE TLC Pay-Per-View

For what it’s worth, we’ve heard from two different soldiers who attended Wednesday night’s WWE Tribute to the Troops in Fort Lewis that report John Cena did not have the WWE Title belt or World Heavyweight Title belt with him when he came out.

This year’s Troops special will air on December 28th, almost two weeks after Cena faces Randy Orton for the belts at this Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view. Orton did not appear at Wednesday night’s tapings.

Spoilers: WWE Tribute To The Troops 2013 Tapings Results For 12/28

  • Randy

    Neither one has the title cus Triple H took both of them on RAW

    • Zoran T

      Yes but the show is meant to air two weeks after TLC. If Cena was going to win, he would come out with a title or THE title. The fact that he has nothing means either Orton is winning or Triple H will keep both titles and ruing the finish of the match (again).

      • Mr Slippyfist

        Yeah that could be. Or maybe they didn’t have him come out with it because they didn’t want people like us finding out who the winner will be.

  • Kdawg361

    That’s true, BUT since it’s being taped it shouldn’t matter that Triple H took them on Raw. Can’t believe they’re taping it this week seeing how TLC is Sunday. If they were to show Cena with the New belt before TLC then it gives it away. Since Orton didn’t show, they are saying that he could end up being the winner and kept him off TV to sell an injury or something. Either way, I see Cena getting screwed

  • The Professor

    I hope Orton wins Sunday!

  • Mr Slippyfist

    Yeah that just follows storyline. I don’t see that being a spoiler. Besides, John Cena is the new “Corporate Face” He will win. Maybe even with the help of HHH

    • Kdawg361

      True…But If Cena wins with the help of Triple H then it may look to some as he sold out and turned heel

  • RuthlessBooker

    I’m guarantee that Orton leaves with the titles. The go home shows ending confirmed this.
    Plus Orton deserves this accolade more than cena. Orton wins

  • Kdawg361

    If Cena wins with the help of Triple H then it may look to some as he sold out and turned heel

    • Jason

      Something Cena needs to do, he’s already passed the “beyond stale” point, I’d love to see a heel Cena

  • Tyus

    They don’t want to give away the ending to a pay-per-view. It’s pretty obvious