Possible Spoiler On Universal Champion Kevin Owens vs. Goldberg At WWE Fastlane

Goldberg looks to fulfill his promise of one last title run when he challenges Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship tonight at WWE Fastlane.

Here is some bad news for fans of “The Prizefighter;” Goldberg will go over Owens fairly quickly.

Goldberg will beat Owens as fast as Brock Lesnar at the Survivor Series, it definitely won’t be a long match.

WWE officials have concerns with the 50-year-old Goldberg wrestling a long match. Furthermore, Vince McMahon wants to save Goldberg’s full potential for WrestleMania.

  • GKP



    BAD idea. Have Owens do something heel like and attack Goldberg from behind during his entrance to give him the edge for the first part of the match. Ill be pissed if it only goes 5 minutes. Also, if Goldberg cant go more than that in a match, Wyatt/Orton better main event WM.

  • PaRih⚓️

    Have brock cost Goldberg the match makes more since

    • Jason

      why would brock do that? if he screws goldberg, then he screws himself for getting an opportunity that that belt at wrestlemania.

  • Kerry Whitmore

    Jericho interferes and costs Owens the title. Goldberg doesn’t need help but Jericho would get revenge and it would set Jericho and Owens at Mania.

    • BJ Evans

      Good call

  • Tom dnom

    The guy gets blown up after 2 minutes in the ring, why are the higher ups so high on him? He’s a draw, I see that! What I don’t see is the benefit of Goldberg squashing another younger talent during his short reunion with WWE. “Goldberg is unbeatable” bah! this idea of the unbeatable beefcake is done to death, where’s the surprise if he beats Owens without much effort?
    If Owens wins, a young guy who is extremely entertaining / talented keeps the main belt and it makes him look strong instead of the coward or funnyman act he was playing for the last 6-8 months, AND Goldberg shows a chink in the armor (Heyman could have a lot of fun with that) making the Brock match a bit more interesting… Let’s face it, Brock Vs Goldberg again!? it’s boring. Only change I can imagine is Brock landing some of those famous suplexes and probably getting the victory (unless Golberg is exceptional at contract negotiations).
    I expect Goldberg to win tonight though… we’ll see.

    • BJ Evans

      Stop complaining. This doesn’t hurt Owens or younger talent in the slightest. Owens and others will have countless title runs- Goldberg is currently the largest draw in WWE, and it’s smart to have the belt on him. Owens’ title reign was at its climax anyway.

      • Leon Nick Perkins

        I agree with all you said, but no one wants to see Brock vs Goldberg again. Especially for the belt. We all know Goldberg will lose it. Thus, giving Brock another ridiculous title run. Possible being unbeatable again for God knows how long. Owens will have more title reigns, but then again he might not. Wwe does strange things . As good as Dean Ambrose is, we can all say, that he probably won’t get another title reign, if he does, won’t be soon. Ko losing the belt wasn’t the issue, it’s how he lost it. Yeah I got tired of him, wanted him to lose, but damn not in a minute. Least book him to put up a fight

      • Tom dnom

        Of course it doesn’t. Just like it doesn’t hurt younger talent when year after year they get pushed down the card to make way for part timers.
        “No, part time superstars bring more attention to the product, meaning people who wouldn’t usually watch the product end up watching lesser known wrestlers, getting the lesser knowns more exposure” Bah! it’s a bunch of bull! If you want to have a strong team, you have to put the work in and get it over, if you just hop the fence at the lowest spot every time you’re never going to be the top dog.

        Owen’s title reign wasn’t exceptional (agreed) but that is entirely down to how he was booked. He was put on the same coward champion schtick that they put Rollins on… and it does nothing in the long term but diminish the character of the wrestler.
        A couple of weeks where he plays the sneaky coward? yep that’s fun. But eventually we want the pay off and for that guy to come in and look strong.

        My main point is that Goldberg Vs Brock doesn’t need a title to get people watching. Owens losing the title pushes him down the card, he may get another title run OR he might be like the plethora of other champions who got a run and were never spoken of in a championship match again.
        IMO Owens is one of the top 5 best wrestlers in WWE right now. Great in ring skills, unique look and he can talk better than the majority of wrestlers from the past 15yrs.