Possible SummerSlam Opponents For Batista, Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes Latest, Cameron

– Three names listed internally for potential Batista opponents at SummerSlam had been Daniel Bryan, John Cena or CM Punk. With Punk out of the picture, word is that it will still be either Bryan or Cena in the main event for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

– Word from within WWE this week is that there will be no Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes match at WrestleMania XXX after all.

– It’s said that prior to appearing on his show this past week, WWE Diva Cameron had no idea who Arsenio Hall was.

(Source: F4Wonline.com)

  • luke1992

    If Cana in this match and wins ill riot give Bryan a chance cena needs to get back in line

    • Jason

      Does anyone but me remember during the first Nexus Invasion Daniel Bryan was fired for choking a ring announcer with his own tie so close in the timeline to what happened with Chris Benoit? …i dont think he is even going to be fully trusted with a chance because of this.

      • James Tebrucio Luna

        im pretty sure that was a storyline incident…

        • MWS

          It wasn’t storyline, the director cut to Bryan choking Justin Roberts on accident and immediately cut to something else. Also, Jason, it was in mid-2010 when Bryan got fired, 3 years after the Benoit incident.

          • James Tebrucio Luna

            no all that was because daniel took things too far he spit in cena’s face and choked justin with his own tie which is not pg at all and those are the reasons why he was fired nothing to do with benoit

          • MWS

            I misunderstood what you said, I thought you were stating that Daniel getting fired was storyline.

          • James Tebrucio Luna

            no i guess the way i worded it was what threw you off i meant an incident that occurred within a storyline since daniel took it upon himself to go that way with it and it got him fired

          • MWS

            Maybe, either way, we’ve gotten it cleared up.

  • Siddharth Tripathi

    SO its all clear now…Batista will win main event of WM 30. After mania Bryan will chase the title. Cena will continue his fued with wyatt.

    So it looks like either bryan is screwed in main event or he may just beat HHH but dont appear in main event n chase it after mania.

    I think wwe want to register this mania main event forever for heel vs heel match n chorus of boos for batista

  • Ruandy Torres

    Cameron/Ariane is just a kid in her early 20’s. Arsenio Hall was a big deal long before she was even born. She’s never come across as the sharpest knife in the draw anyhow. Might have spent 5 minutes on Wiki or imdb and bone up on Arsenio’s past .

  • cj

    Pretty guarantees Batista will win the title at WM, even though that was obvious from the start. I really think WWE is scared to change that because they guaranteed Batista all this as apart of his deal to come back, and as much as Batista says he came back because he loves the business, we all know that he wouldn’t have come back without being guaranteed the RR Win, WM main event, and according to this, the SS main event. Which sucks

  • Chicky Hines

    Heel vs heel at mania has never been done in the main event for obvious reasons. Put two lame ducks like Orton and Batista and I’m sure WWE will give it the tag line ‘the most controversial main event in history.’ I understand why our main event is not Punk vs Bryan for the title, it just sucks having it slapped in your face.

  • Raihan Khan

    Batista vs john cena would be good cz they had a great summerslam match in 2008 and if they face again at summerslam 6 years later, that would be cool but i think storyline wise brayn should face batista for the title