Post-NXT Arrival Videos: Cesaro, Triple H Talks, Adrian Neville, Steph Talks Divas, Too Cool

Check out some post-show reactions from Thursday night’s WWE NXT Arrival event:

  • James Humwood

    Watching nxt you could tell that’s the real HHH and Stephanie not there dick characters on tv ya HHH may push his buddies to the top like Botoxista,nao, and Orton. And may have a huge ego but he does have good business since and is doing wonders with nxt and the future I think has a huge future with HHH at the head. And I hate HHH but you gotta admit that much. They are right the ppv was amazing and they even took note of the awesome zayn and cesaro match and (the totally true) this is awesome chants during emma vs Paige all four of them I think are ready for the main roster though you see what wwe is doing with emma frightens me she’s being buried before she even starts being with santino is a death sentence . Also just taking note I think Neville and zayn are HHH’s favorites. Oh almost forgot to say Scotty isn’t to hottie anymore lol he looks like Christopher Daniels