Post-Survivor Series Plans For Several Top WWE Superstars

Randy Orton is currently scheduled to feud with Mark Henry for the WWE Championship following tonight’s Survivor Series pay-per-view.

Also, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are are expected to continue feuding with The Wyatt Family after tonight’s pay-per-view event.

  • Pete

    Henry? Its getting worse.

  • Willey

    I hope Henry wins, I do think he should get a run with the WWE Title, I liked his hall of pain WHC run, do not know how he will do as a face though

  • The Knight of Truth

    Wish it was Orton vs Ziggler, Ziggler could have finally had is moment…. But WWE just wont build new stars!!!! Ziggler is already quite established, but not to Orton’s level. We need younger stars like Ziggler, Cody, Ryback, and others at that level. Orton should take the HBK, RVD and Jericho role, neither of them won world titles after 2002, 2007 (not considering RVD’s TNA run) and 2010 respectively, but stuck around to put younger talents over. Starting from 2004 Orton has been in the world title picture every 9 years and needs to step down cause hes already a 11 (i might be wrong with the number) times world champion……

    • MWS

      I agree that WWE needs to build new stars. Let’s face it, Cena is in his late 30s and Orton is 1 Wellness Policy violation from being fired.

    • KIWI

      your a fuckwit! WWE is all about building new stars the performance centre should shut you the fuck up oh and NXT and OVW fucking retard! its the fact that ziggler causes too much drama in the back with other wrestlers, he pisses them off too much and when he does interviews for wwe people complain about his behavior SO FUCK UP YOU DUMB IGNORANT AMERICAN CUNT! LEARN YOUR SHIT!

      • The Knight of Truth

        Whats the matter scaredy kitten, you made a fake inaccessible account. Are you afraid to read what I would have written back to your Indian donkey balls? I rather fuck american cunts than your shitass mom. Just because you are not old enough to do that, doesnt mean others arent either. Shits are nothing to learn but things to do, but if you are trying to learn them go ahead to find whether you can eat them or not. You MFI……..

  • Jason

    Reason’s for people like Orton and Cena getting title reign after title reign is so one of these guys would be a tease for passing ric flair’s 16 record of being a world champion.

    • MWS

      They need to watch it, the rate they’re going, they might accidentally surpass Flair’s. Just think about it, on the top 50 Superstars DVD, they actually put Cena above Hogan (I know it’s scripted, but still).