Premium !BANG! TV; Cameras Go Inside Cage To Record Action

Premium !BANG! TV Report – Video Cameras Go Inside the Steel Cage to Record the Action

Now on Premium !BANG! TV Action Inside the Steel Cage

The Steel Cage is now installed at the !BANG! TV Sound Stage in preparation for Support Your Troops 61, “Hell’s Bells II” coming New Years Eve December 31, 2010.

Now on Premium !BANG! TV a Prelude to “Hell’s Bells II.”

Watch from inside the steel cage as Funking Conservatory World Champion, Mad-Dog Madetzke takes on the challenge of Andra “D Soul” Smith in a Non Title Match.

Inside the Steel Cage is a comfort zone for Arachna Man. Watch as Schizo Damien Steel battles the athletically gifted insect who is equally comfortable on the mat or at the top of the 20 foot steel cage.

Also now on Premium !BANG! TV Inside the Steel Cage:
Women’s Champion, Claudia “The Claw” Claudia Reiff faces Cassie “Crush” Ryan.

Video Taped from Inside the Steel Cage, Fushicho Masuku faces Spain’s gymnastic performer, Leo Cristiani.

Equador’s Jose Salinas takes on the challenge of the man most comfortable inside the steel cage, MMA Fighter Luke Spencer.

Prelude to “Hell’s Bells II Now online at – is Video Taped from Inside the Steel Cage. For ticket information to Hell’s Bells II, Coming to the !BANG! TV Sound Stage in Ocala, Florida New Year’s Eve, Call Now 352-895-4658.

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