Press Release: Bobby Lashley Fights To Save Town

Bobby Lashley fights to save town

Bobby Lashley makes his way back into a pro wrestling ring, not for WWE , TNA, or even a PPV, and not in a arena in front of tens of thousands of fans. Bobby’s return on December 10th is in the small town of Rosman North Carolina, in a school gym. Why? The town is broke, as are communities all over the US. They are struggling with the budget crunch with no help in site.

Producers John Owen, Mike Murphy, and Dawn McCall, all residents of Rosman, (who met Shawn Cain and Josh Turner during the shooting of “The Indy Wrestler”) approached Shawn Cain Films with a crazy idea. They wanted to make “Indy Wrestler 2” as a partial fund raiser for the town of Rosman.

Shawn Cain the last real maverick of the indy movie scene, and the man who invented the genre of the wrestling movie, called up the other part of the team Josh Turner, the creator of “The Indy Wrestler”. The dynamic two are back again to make their last wrestling film for awhile, but this time it’s for the kids.

The cast members of “The Indy Wrestler” who quickly jumped on board was Larry Zbyszko, Amanda (Lady Amazon) Webb, Joe Wheeler, and Stro. New cast members Playboy Model Angelina Leigh, and Actress Natalie Nicole.

Then out of nowhere,Bobby Lashley calls Shawn Cain Films, and wants to help. Bobby Lashley’s return to pro wrestling is in a school gym, in a town you have never heard of, Rosman, and not to ten of thousands of screaming fans but to a few hundred. Bobby fights for Wheelchair ramps, after school programs for the kids, for heat, lights, a few new renovations to keep up the building.

Shawn Cain says “Bobby Lashley is the Christmas miracle this town so desperately needed. Bobby’s name on this event can save this community center. He is one Hell of a man.”

All proceeds from the event will go to the town. Shawn Cain Films and Josh Turner has also given a large portion of the gross proceeds of “The Indy Wrestler2” to the town. They are still looking for sponsorships.