PRIME Wrestling TV #151: Matt Cross vs. Jimmy Jacobs

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Scheduled for this weeks broadcast…

PRIME Championship
“M-Dogg” Matt Cross vs. “Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs
The newly-dubbed “Zombie Princess” Jacobs has professed his desire to out-do all of Johnny Gargano’s past accomplishments and effectively wipe him from the face of the wrestling world, starting with the promotion and title that launched Gargano to super-stardom. Jimmy will have to defeat 2-time titleholder Matt Cross in order to accomplish that feat. Cross has stated he respects Gargano’s abilities and the PRIME Title and that it will take a lot more than a few victories and sneak attacks to make it to the top. Can Jimmy Jacobs become the next PRIME Champion or can Matt Cross continue forward with the heart and intestinal fortitude he has displayed for months?

“Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron vs. “Demonic Disciple” Kirst
An issue that has been brewing for months, Kirst and the rest of the Dead Wrestling Society ended the career of Iron’s former tag partner Hobo Joe. Greg has been on his own ever since, valiantly fighting the DWS. Greg and Kirst’s early life has paralleled in many ways, with many hardships and tragedies, though, clearly, each man has taken a vastly different path in dealing with those issues. Good and evil in its purest form clash!

Sex Appeal (Beverly & Valentino) vs. Bryan Castle & Dan Arkham
Jimmy Jacobs has figuratively emasculated Bobby Beverly after Bobby’s recent losses to Matt Cross, and now to Jason Bane. It seems anything less than perfection is unacceptable in the world of the “Zombie Princess” and, as a result, reports state he has demanded Nicki Valentino lead this incarnation of Sex Appeal and be fully in charge of their match-up. While Beverly has performed very well in his recent losses, including a gutsy effort with Bane, it has still left him out of favor with Sex Appeal’s spiritual leader. The Castle & Arkham team is one of uncertainty, as it seems that Arkham’s extensive knowledge of the popular Batman series has led Castle to believe that Dan may in fact be the caped crusader himself. Will Valentino lead Beverly to his first victory in recent times or will Castle & Arkham form a dynamic duo?

“Big Bear” Benjamin Boone with “Amazing” N8 Mattson vs. “Mr. RBI” Izeah Bonds
Two big 260-270-pounders wage war in a major test for future momentum. Rumors also claim N8 will have an announcement to make as well. What do The Sons of Michigan have up their sleeves?

Plus, we hear from PRIME Television Champion Gory, the man who was almost TV champion last broadcast; Michael Facade, Jason Bane, and more!

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