Prince Devitt Asks NJPW President For Release, Not Yet Left The Company

– New Japan Pro-Wrestling held a press conference following their Invasion Attack iPPV, as is the norm in the country, and during it NJPW President Kenzo Sugabayashi said that Prince Devitt had asked him to leave the company for, “unknown reasons”. Sugabayashi continued by stating Devitt had not been granted his resignation but instead they will meet and try to negotiate a deal that could see Devitt stay in New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Earlier this year reports surfaced stating WWE had offered Devitt a contract with a “deadline” attached to it in which he either had to accept or reject. Devitt came to WWE’s attention after William Regal showed Triple H a match between he and current WWE NXT Champion Adrian Neville, then PAC, during the Best of the Super Juniors 2012.

Devitt lost a “Loser Leaves Town” match at NJPW’s Invasion Attack iPPV to former tag team partner Rysuke Taguchi on Sunday morning, but the stipulation was noted as being “unofficial”, and not sanctioned by NJPW’s offices.