Prince Devitt Loses Loser Leaves Town Match, Kicked From Bullet Club

– Last night Prince Devitt, who is the topic of speculation surrounding a potential WWE deal, lost his Loser Leaves Town match to former Apollo 55 tag team partner Rysuke Taguchi. While Taguchi commented post-match that the stipulation wasn’t official, which means his future with New Japan Pro-Wrestling is unclear, Devitt was attacked by The Young Bucks and kicked out of the Bullet Club stable.

  • Bryan Thomas

    I predicted this shit.

  • No Privilege, No Peace

    just an fyi, I don’t know that you could say Prince Devitt was “kicked” from the Bullet Club — when his contract was up the storyline was that he lost he loser leave town match to Ryusuke Taguchi, during which he (kayfabe) became annoyed as the Young Guns kept interfering on his behalf despite his orders not to do so, he became annoyed outside the ring, they attacked him, then Devitt returned the favor with a huge splash onto the both of them. He will be back in NJPW as I highly doubt a worker of his stature will be happy kissing HHH’s ring and being relegated to jobber to the stars for very long.

    • Kirk_Angel

      lol at this comment^^^^

      • Sportsman2593

        LOL yeah how’d that comment work out!