Pro Wrestler Column – “Underneath The Mask” by Masked Gentleman

The Bell has rung for another fun filled column of Wrestling delectables. Let’s hit it!

Hell In a Cell – Something about this PPV Misses me now that its PG Format. It has no meaning anymore. Hell In The Cell used to be about just sheer pain, and blood. Now the WWE’s PG Format has really weakened this format of danger. Like Extreme Rules, how extreme is it when its PG? Really WWE, your losing credibility in your PPV’s for dulling them down. They really have no buying power or surprise value to them anymore. I cannot see paying 50.00 for a 3-hour RAW on PPV. Seriously.

The Rock receiving a World Title match at Royal Rumble 2013, What is the WWE Smelling in the Rock’s cooking to make him #1 contender, not wrestle a match yet since Wrestlemania 28, and then Bam get a #1 contender spot? – I call Bullcrap! – This is a slap in the industry I love. You don’t just get #1, you EARN it! I truly believe that this is not going to go over well at all except to Rock marks. And well that is just plain pathetic, if you smell what is coming out after its been cooking.

The more I am watching RAW the more I am getting used to The Miz, and now truly feel that this guy has more than the Reality star attributes, his ability in the ring is going to carry him far, just as long as he doesn’t get washed up in TV Land.

WWE threatening NWO? – Is this really a good thing to even suggest? I mean sure the NOW was revolutionary, and did change the landscape of wrestling in their time, but then WCW Blew it all out of proportion to where they had NOW Wolfpack, NWO Mexican, then NWO Japan. Can the spirit of what the NOW Was really be brought back with newer talent? – To see the Picture of Cena in an NOW Shirt made me laugh, I can never see Cena in an NOW Shirt, he is too goody goody for that to ever happen. Let’s just make sure if NWO Comes back, its done with the right talent.

Who is the Best In The World? – Well I have issues with this since in my 9/13/12 column on I stated I do not believe that CM Punk is all that great. So is Cena #1? Hate to say it but yes, for now. WWE pushed Cena too fast giving him 12 title reigns, and I am sure he is not done with the hardware and his push is incredible regardless of the fans opinion of him. @OfficialPWI Rates him on their #PWI500 as #2 with Punk as #1, and I personally think although I Love @OfficialPWI, they blew it this year. Sorry guys, just my opinion.

Long Live The King as Jerry Lawler returns home to recuperate. I for one am glad to see the King up and around. I appreciated the commentary by JBL and Ross for the weeks he is rebounding back, but I am sure The King is stubborn enough to go back to the commentary table. But I for one think that Lawler’s days in the ring are done. And to say it was a stellar career would be an understatement. Long Live The King!

Nothing settled at Night of Champions as Punk/Cena rematch 29301284038 ends in a draw. Why does this not surprise me? Both are highly over with the crowd despite my feelings for them. @WWE Continues to beat this feud until the fans get really tired of it, if ever. Here is my insight to this, I see Punk winning all the way up to WrestleMania, like it or don’t like it, its only logical that they are going to make Rock/Punk a Main Event match at WrestleMania 29. This is then when Punk gets his “Respect” and Rock takes a dive. Thus setting up a Rock/Cena 2 since WWE will not just settle for Punk beating Rock, and their golden boy Cena not getting over as well.

WWE and RAW General Manager @WWEAJLee here are some matches we would still like to see, take note will ya? Daniel Bryan vs. Lil’ Jimmy in a No DQ Match, a “Tool” Match: Tensai vs. Heath Slater, and Ryback vs. Brodus Clay & Big Show in a Handicap Match. Let’s see how tough @Ryback22 looks then! Write these down AJ. The fans want to see them, I want to see them.

Aces & Eights still haven’t showed themselves, and this wont happen while TNA Can milk it. Look for maybe a revealing or two at Bound For Glory. The only thing I can see it being is TNA Wrestlers who have been pushed back as of late. Who they might be, I cannot honestly say since I have been slowly getting back into TNA Watching. But look for the Big guy to be huge.

The Miz is AWESOME! Nice job to the Miz for having the only disadvantage at NOC by facing three wrestlers and coming up with the win. To say that the Miz is coming back to the reign of Awesomeness is certainly looking like it.

Now a new little piece I want to do which is simply called “Where is MG’s thumb at?” Where I give thumbs up, down or sideways to the recent events happening in the ring and on the recent shows.

MG Thumbs Up: To John Bradshaw Layfield for excellent commentary at NOC

MG Thumbs Up: To the Hysterical piece Daniel Bryan and Kane did after winning the WWE tag belts – Kane going to Disneyland, and the Gatorade bath was priceless.

MG Thumbs Sideways: to The 9/17/12 edition of RAW as it is still not utilizing their new 3-hour format to their advantage. Use your talent to make things happen, don’t just stretch out a piece that is useless banter.

MG Thumbs sideways: To TNA For their stretching Aces & Eights, and their cut shot to promo filming, its raw looking, but seriously for the production they are putting on, clean it up a little more. It looks like the Blair Witch project on TV.

MG Thumbs Down: To Booker T and the Brogue Controversy. 9 days really? Useless to even start the angle only to terminate it after 9 days. Get real about this, we all saw it coming that it would be reinstated, just wish they had the gumption to make it last at least until Hell In A Cell.

MG Thumbs Down: To @Ryback22, even though he did a great promo with Jared from Subway, his barrage of destroying “MizTV” was ridiculous, and reckless, a live mic was lost into the crowd for it, and a fan could have used it for trouble. Hopefully the fan didn’t get kicked out for his golden opportunity. Ryback should have been a little more cautious in his rampage.

Remember to leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter (@DICEWrestling) and tell me what you think about what I have said. Did you agree? Disagree? Want to meet me in the ring? Either way, I would like your input.

Well since I have been throwing powder in your eyes the last few moments, and the ref is wearing coke bottled glasses, I better break, and smack talk the crowd a little before I dive into more heel tactics. Anyways remember if you see a Tall, Dark Masked man, chances are you’re my opponent or your about to be part of a happening. #MG4LYFE

Masked Gentleman