Pro Wrestler Column – “Underneath the Mask” by Masked Gentleman

Like a chair shot from me, you are back and so am I for another rousing week of wrestling carnage. Let’s dive into it like @Ryback22 dove into the Subway area swiping two footlongs from Jared.

Aces & Eights taking hostages: Isn’t this what the WWE was criticized for with the Muhammad Hassad incident with the Undertaker?? I mean when did guns and hostage holding start being part of wrestling?? I know WWE had where they took a few people, but not at gunpoint. I think this is going a wee bit too far. Wrestling has its physicality enough, but TNA Is turning it into gangster style wrestling. Even though its not the PG format of WWE its still too ghetto for TV.

Kelly Kelly released from WWE: Kelly Kelly and WWE have mutually split ways, and I for one am going to miss the perky blonde. She was the reason why diva’s exsisted in the WWE, Sure there was Stacey Keibler, and Trish Stratus, and Miss Elizabeth who paved the way, but Kelly Kelly did keep the guys in the seats for the times she was in the ring. – You will be missed Kelly, and we hope you return really soon back into the ring.

Where do I still need to go with CM Punk? – What can be said about the pipebomb causing WWE champion? Has he impressed anyone lately? He didn’t impress Mick Foley, he surely doesn’t impress many in the WWE, even Ryback had to make it known by saving Foley at the end of RAW. Really what Cena and Foley are saying is true, Punk is not pipebombing anyone but himself, it’s more of a joke that he is being a “Heyman guy” than anything else. This angle needs a direction change in a huge way.

Back to Aces & Eights – Understanding storylines and plots and these angles, one cannot help but think that Ace’s and Eights is going to be a big ruse to the TNA roster. I personally feel that the stars who seem victimized could likely be the ones causing the ruckus. I could be wrong, but don’t you think that would be pulling the wool over the TNA fans eyes by the TNA stars manipulating themselves? Don’t blink TNA fans, this one can be a twist you don’t really expect.

Kaitlyn’s attacker: – Nice start to a diva’s angle, but who here really believes it wasn’t Eve Torres doing the attacking? Come on, think PG audience, the woman that attacked Kaitlyn was a blonde. Ok natural blondes are limited in the WWE, but bottle blondes are infinite. Think about it, it makes sense. Also think about the “wig” factor. This may get you seeing the culprit more clearly. If it is eventually not Eve, then it will be a newcomer the WWE has signed on, or an underdeveloped talent being pushed. Nice change-up WWE if it is a swerve in the angle.

@RESISTANCE_PRO – Teaming up with Blizzard brawl. What a great combination these two will do together in Racine, WI. They will kick up wrestling an extra notch with this card coming up. If your near Racine, WI, a ticket purchase might be in order for you to go see this line up.

Domo Arigato – The “Lonesome” Jay Bradley (@JayBradleyPW) is showing what Boonsticking is all about in Japan. We think this is great exposure for Jay, and wish him well on his orient trip and performances. Make us all proud Jay.

Feedback about the NWO comments I made – I received many a tweet or comment about the NWO and most fans really agree with what I said about it being an over and done storyline. So WWE, don’t try and make it brand new again, don’t use the kids in the ring now to form a 21st century NWO, leave this faction as it was, we are begging with you to just put it out of the writers heads. Thank you.

MG thumbs up to: John Cena & WWE in the fight against cancer. This is one cause I am for, but just won’t wear pink for unlike Cena and his fruity pebble brand. Also thumbs up to WWE for their Kane/Bryan diner skit. This was a gem of a piece. Keep it up.

MG thumbs medium to: TNA for their gangster style footage, going gangster is not wrestling, its choppy editing. Also to TNA for not looking at the clock for their Main event altercations. Timing is everything.

MG thumbs down to: WWE for releasing Kelly Kelly, even though it was mutual, it still stinks.

Dream card: To all my faithful readers of this column, what would be your answer to the following question: What would be your dream match up if we stuck 5 wrestlers on each team and made it a Wargames match? Please reply via Twitter or comment below. Let’s hear your replies.

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Well as the time limit is drawing closer, I better wrap you up into a small package and finish this off for this week. Remember if you see a tall, dark masked man, chances are you’re my opponent or your about to be part of a happening. #MG4LYFE (holding the ropes, 1…2…3)

Masked Gentleman