Pro Wrestler Column – “Underneath the Mask” by Masked Gentleman

Like a Santino Marella, “Milan miracle”, I am back for another edition of wrestling amusement and observation. So grab your popcorn and sit down at ringside and let the people behind you actually see and read what has to be said.

A personal assistant for AJ? Well this is out of the minds of the PGWWE a personal assistant for AJ Lee, why? It’s not needed. AJ is a feisty little GM who is fully aware of what she is doing, and if the 10/1 edition of Raw was any indication, this is going to go nowhere fast, almost faster than a Booker T rule change.

Bound for Glory is taking shape, and is starting to look really good so far. Austin Airies vs. Jeff Hardy for the TNA gold is going to be huge. The triple threat for the tag belts looks impressive. Magnus and Samoa Joe for the TV belt, should be solid. Knockouts title, was looming to happen. Storm vs. Roode that should be a brawl, King Mo as the enforcer, that will be a twist in the match. Sting & Bully Ray (interesting team there) vs. two Aces & 8’s members for control of the Impact Zone. I don’t see how Sting & Bully Ray will win this one. And the “get your nacho’s” match of Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow, you won’t care if you miss it.

So did you come up with your dream Wargames matchup from last week? @Tonethebone1983 came up with Hogan, Savage, Angle, Sting and Undertaker vs. Flair, Hall ,Nash, Bret Hart and Owen Hart. Sounds like one that would be interesting to witness. I actually thought of Triple H, Undertaker, Hogan, Bret Hart, and Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair, Lex Luger, Harley Race, Andre The Giant, and Magnum T.A. that would be a site to behold in the two ring fight. Now this week’s question: What is the dream match you wish you can see or want to see happen? Maybe a CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy battle? Let me know by hitting me up on Twitter @DICEWrestling.

Sunny side down. Sunny AKA: Tammy Sytch has been drowning in addiction for a while now, the once very popular downloadable girl has now fell into the internet trash bin. We understand her problems, and wish her well, but we just don’t wish to hear about it all the time anymore. We are still trying to get over Kelly Kelly leaving WWE.

Does anyone out there in the #BlackAndBlueCrew wish that WCW Was still around? I know I actually miss the competition. ROH is decent, others around the TV are ok, but WCW had the power to chase WWE and now an indy fed other than TNA needs to make a run for the money and fortune.

MG Thumbs Up to: Ryback for putting CM Punk in his place by just being there. Punk may see his reign of days be numbered if Ryback steps up.

MG Thumbs medium to: Resistance Pro & GLCW Blizzard Brawl for a decent card, let’s just hope they use @JayBradleyPW to win the R-pro gold this time.

MG Thumbs Down to: Smackdown. I am sorry Booker T, you aren’t winning me over. Give the spot to Teddy Long, he at least I can tolerate.

Remember to leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter (@DICEWrestling) and tell me what you think about what I have said. Did you agree? Disagree? Want to meet me in the ring? Either way, I would like your input. Share it with your friends on your facebook page. Tout a comment to me. I am ready to listen to you fans.

Well as I am tired of beating you down and you not staying down for the three count, I just will nail you with a low blow, so I can get to the back for the night. Remember if you see a tall, dark masked man, chances are you’re my opponent or your about to be part of a happening. #MG4LYFE

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Masked Gentleman