Pro Wrestler Column – “Underneath the Mask” by Masked Gentleman

Like a 2×4 to the back, I am back for another edition of wrestling amusement and observation. So grab your foam fingers and sit down and read what has to be said.

Vince fails: @WWE you truly failed in achieving what could have been the best opportunity in making WWE programming better. With Vince and his state of the WWE address, we could have heard great changes, but no, we heard nothing but CM Punk hoopla. What a failed opportunity to makes waves and increase ratings. We all know CM Punk is facing Cena at Hell in the Cell, its obvious. Vince you suckered us in again, only to let us down again.

Thank you Sting – The TNA Hall of fame ceremony was a great turnout, and will make BFG have more prestige. Sting is a great wrestler, and deserved all the accolades he received in the hall of fame, now WWE needs to recognize him as well.

Ryback better than Goldberg? Ryback is claiming he is better than Goldberg. I will have to say that Ryback is strong, but he is definitely not better than Goldberg. He is a mere impersonator. And always will be.

Harry Smith chumps out! Resistance Pro champion Harry Smith elects to head to Japan and ditch the R-Pro title. This is a slap in the face to R-Pro, but they can redeem themselves if they give the hardware to @JayBradleyPW. He deserves it.

MG thumbs up to – Bound for Glory ,this night was TNA’s night to shine, and they did a nice job of it. RVD New X-Division champion, Samoa Joe retains, Storm/Roode match was brutal. Ryan wins, Hernandez and Chavo new tag champions, Tara regains the Knockouts title, Ace’s & ‘s won, and Jeff Hardy wins the TNA title. Great job gang.

MG thumbs medium to – Vince McMahon, he came back after two and a half years, but just to fight Punk? He needed to spice things up, not wrestle.

MG thumbs down to – Vader and Harley Race trading blows, I don’t think anyone needed to see or witness that exchange. If Race wants to fight Vader, take it to the ring. If I was Race, I would just let it go.

Ok This week’s curiousity question is: Who do you feel are the top 5 masked wrestlers in wrestling? You can name today’s wrestlers, or even wrestlers in the past. Hit me up on Twitter (@DiceWrestling) and let me know what you think. Maybe I will add your reply to next week’s column.

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Well as I am about to throw powder in your eyes so I can get to the catering backstage, remember if you see a tall, dark masked man, chances are you’re my opponent or your about to be part of a happening. #MG4LYFE #BlackAndBlueCrew

Masked Gentleman