Pro Wrestlers vs. Flappy Bird, Diamond Dallas Page Talks About Online Fan Comments & More

– In the video below, Diamond Dallas Page, Jake Roberts and Scott Hall play the infamous Flappy Bird mobile game:

Page had the following to say about fan comments online:

“You know, I read a lot if what people write on YouTube, as obviously I have my DDP TV videos, which is hundreds of them…and people write a lot of comments. I also read when there is something I said in an interview…now I don’t remember the article, but you know, you get these jerk offs that go online and they think they know the business…I don’t know who they are, but there are certain people who just don’t like me no matter what I do, for whatever reason…I get that, not everybody is going to like you, but when they just write stupid sh*t, I can’t help but laugh…No matter how rude some of the comments can be, I find it entertaining…”

  • James Woods

    Thats how you gotta be. Just laugh it off.