Punk Picks Cena Over Rock, Garden Gnomes, Superstars Pulled Over

– During one of the “History Lesson” segments that took place on Monday’s RAW, The Rock made fun of John Cena’s WWE merchandise, including a garden gnome dressed up like Cena. For the readers who emailed in asking if such merchandise exists – yes, WWE does sell garden gnomes. The WWE Shop websites has 4 different WWE-themed garden gnomes for sale – but none of them feature John Cena. The ones available for purchase include Hornswoggle, Triple H, Steve Austin, and… ait for it… The Rock. You can view the gnomes at WWEShop.com

– Michael McGillicutty and Curt Hawkins were stopped by police in Rhode Island last night but let go due to their status as WWE Superstars. Hawkins tweeted:

“So @WWEMcGillicutty & I just got pulled over by Rhode Island State Troopers. They recognized us from #NXT …They let us slide.”

– WWE Champion CM Punk appeared on Boston’s WAAF radio station on Monday to promote RAW. During the interview, Punk revealed that he’s pulling for John Cena to defeat The Rock at WrestleMania. Punk talked about his upcoming WWE DVD set – and said it might not get released in September like WWE wants because he has full control over what content goes on the DVD. You can listen to Punk’s radio appearance here: